Step 2 - Integrate Bambuser


Task to complete

In this article you'll learn to complete:

1. [Chose Player Behavior]

2. [Integrate Player Behavor]
3. [Implement Conversion Tracker

Bambuser Integration are two components

  • Player
  • Conversion tracker

This requires technical implementation. For information and guides, please head over to our technical documentation.


Bambuser offers three different behaviors, Initial Player, Miniplayer, and Cart Integration. Initial Player is a plug-and-play, and Cart Integration requires more adoption and often requires more time. Test in our demo shop.

Initial Setup Miniplayer Cart Integration

Each show has a unique embed code you need to add to your website (example below, initial setup).

Conversion Tracker

The conversion tracker makes it possible to view the attributed sales of each show. All Bambuser services are GDPR compliant.

We offer a simple solution for implementation if you use Google Tag Manager. Please head over to our technical documentation.

Get expert help

To get a helping hand with your integration journey, please visit our integration assistant.

Or, contact our Integration Specialist via your dashboard or


Which player do you recommend?

The Cart Integration enables the most seamless experience for your customers. However, a good tip is to start integrating the miniplayer and then advance


Onboarding Status

Tasks Status After This Step:

Dashboard Created
Language & Currency
Chat Term Saved
Player Integrated
Conversion Tracker Implemented
Player Design Ordered
Verification of Integration Complete

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