Step 4 - Verify your Integration



In this article you'll learn to complete:

[How to get your integration (player + conversion tracker) verified by Bambuser Experts]

A sharp test is an internal check where you test the integration and conversion tracking for Bambuser to verify your set-up before going live.

We recommend conducting the test as soon as possible so that you can fix potential issues in time.

How long does it take to get verified? 
3-5 Business days from the submission date


Follow the checklist, and you will be ready in no time

1. Create a show with products

Add a few products

2. Add the show to your eCom

Add the CORRECT player behavior you will use

3. Make sure the conversion tracker is in place

To verify that you can see sales in your stats page

4. Go Live and Test your player

To ensure that it works as it should

5. Purchase a product from the show

To verify that you can see sales 

6. Send the landing page to Bambuser for verification

Do not delete/hide the page after your test!


Top tip!

Add as much information as possible

7. Bambuser reviews your integration

Our experts will analyze your player and conversion tracker

8. Verification Feedback by Bambuser

Once our team completes the verification, you will receive information on how it went via your Point of Contact.

  • If your integration works accordingly, you are then ready to stream infinitely. 
  • If our experts find issues or errors, you will get guidelines for solving them. 


Do we need to make a real purchase?

Yes, otherwise, we can not check that your conversion tracker works accordingly


Are we doing this together with Bambuser?

For Standard Customers, this is a test for your to complete internally. Follow the checklist to complete it. 
For Enterprise Customers, your Bambuser PoC will project lead the test and be part in the testing


Onboarding Status

Tasks Status After This Step:

Dashboard Created
Language & Currency
Chat Term Saved
Player Integrated
Conversion Tracker Implemented
Player Design Ordered
Verification of Integration Complete


You are now ready to rollout Bambuser

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