Step 1 - Account Setup

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Task to complete

In this article you'll learn to complete:

1. [Add Chat Terms]

We recommend starting your onboarding by exploring these four areas in your dashboard:

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Contact Bambuser for support inquiries
  3. Invite a user
  4. Update your profile

You can access your dashboard via

Quick Start Guide

You can easily follow each onboarding step in the Quick Start Guide.  

Add Chat Terms

To finalize your account, you need to add your chat term. This can only be completed and changed by users with OWNER permission. You can change this as many times as you want. 

Language and Currency

Your account has one language and one currency added by Bambuser. If you want to add multiple languages and currencies, contact or viain your dashboard.

Profanity list

Bambuser applies a shadow ban. It is not activated by default. Please reach out to your PoC or to add your list of words


Can I change the wording in the player?

Yes, if you are an Enterprise Customer


I can only change chat terms for one language?

If you stream in multiple languages, you need to submit your chat terms for each extra language to


Onboarding Status
Tasks Status After This Step:

Dashboard Created
Language and Currency Added
Chat Term Saved
Player Integrated
Conversion Tracker Implemented
Player Design Ordered
Verification of Integration Complete

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