Add Subtitles

You can add subtitles to any pre-recorded video through the Bambuser platform. 


This feature is exclusively available for Enterprise clients. For more information on how to get access to the feature, contact your Customers Success Manager.
This feature is exclusively available for the Bam Player. Still on the Standard Player? Read this guide on how to easily switch. 

Difference between Closed Caption and Subtitles

Subittles are a form of captioning used to translate the audio dialogue from one language into another. Simply put, subtitles translate a video's language into another. On the other hand, Closed Captions are in the same language as the original audio.



How to Add Subtitles

  1. When creating a show, click Pre-Recorded under Video Source
  2. In the next step, Viewing Options, choose either Live stream video or Publish on-demand.
  3. Proceed to the next step, Upload new video, and upload your video together with formatted SRT files with your translation(s). You are able to upload several translations simultaneously. 
  4. When the files are done loading, check if the correct language(s) has/have been selected. If not, you can edit to select the correct one(s).
  5. All done! Your viewers are now able to click the caption button on the video and choose from the available languages.

NB: You are able to delete SRT files once the show has been created, but not add additional ones. Please upload a new video if you would like to add additional language files.