Switching to the Bam Player

Taking your video commerce one step further

Our upgraded player is mobile-friendly, conversion-boosting, and gives you total control over your theming. It’s also completely free to switch.

Why Should I Switch to the Bam Player? 
There are plenty of benefits to using the Bam Player, but here are some of our favorites:

  1. Seamless Mobile Experience: With 93% of shoppable video views on Bambuser coming from mobile devices, we've optimized the Bam Player to be used seamlessly on mobile, which will double the number of clicks using the new player.
  2. Fresh UI Updates: Enjoy customizable features like choosing product highlight placement and chat interaction styles, plus the ability to blur or solidify your product highlights – all easily adjustable in your Bam Hub.
  3. Higher Conversion Rates: Clients using the Bam Player have seen an increase of up to 8% in conversion, thanks to its revamped design and enhanced capabilities.
  4. Self-Serve Theming: Effortlessly switch up your show's theme directly in the Bam Hub, anytime.
  5. Product Bundles: Showcase multiple products simultaneously with one product highlight – a feature exclusively available with the Bam Player.

Don't miss out! All of our future updates will be exclusive to the Bam Player. Upgrade now and stay ahead of the curve.

How Do I Switch? 
Let your Customer Success Manager know that you’ve decided to upgrade to the Bam Player, and we'll handle the transition for you.

Concerned about keeping the previous player for your existing videos? No worries. We understand the importance of consistency, especially if you've referenced specific UI elements in your video that have changed. That's why we allow you to upgrade to the Bam Player while keeping the Standard Player for your previous videos. Just let your Customer Success Manager know of your preference and specify from which date your videos should be featured on the Bam Player.

The best of both worlds - seamless viewing experiences for your new and old content.

What Is Needed From Me? 
Your Customer Success Manager will let you know once the upgrade has been completed by our team. All you have to do is navigate to your Bam Hub and set up the theme for your Bam Player - and you’re good to go!