Add Closed captions

How to use and edit the closed captions feature


Who can use this feature?

Users on a Standard or Enterprise plan

If you can't find this closed captions on your Dashboard, please reach out to your point of contact at Bambuser to discuss an upgrade. 

What are closed captions?

Closed captions are essentially subtitles that are automatically transcribed and generated and are instantly presented to the viewers as the host is speaking in real-time (US English only). 

How to use closed captions

It is easy to enable closed captions! Just head over to the show setup page, click Player Settings and tick the box Allow English closed captions. If you don't have access to this, please contact your Bambuser main point of contact.

Enable closed captions as a viewer

If you have enabled closed captions in the dashboard prior to your show, your viewers can hit the three dots in the player to enable closed captions and tick the auto-generated box. The captions will appear on their screen, directly transcribed from the show.          

How to edit closed captions

When your show has ended, navigate to the Edit tab where you will see your captions. All you need to do is open the captions editor and edit the text field on whatever caption you want to change. 

You can hit cancel if you want to leave your changes unsaved or save & close the editor to keep the changes.



If you need to edit the video, make sure to do the edits of the video and finalize those before you start editing captions, the same routine as with audio descriptions.


Can I download or upload the captions?

No, you can't download or upload the captions.


Is it possible to add new captions?

No, you can't add captions, only edit already existing ones.


If I duplicate a show, will the captions follow?

Edited captions will not come along with duplications of shows, they will need to be re-transcribed and then the customer needs to edit the captions.