Edit, download, and re-use shows

Learn how to re-use recorded versions of your live shows

Once your live show is done, you have the option to download the raw footage and/or create a shoppable replay video. Here’s how it works

Making a shoppable replay video

Replay videos are a great way to maximize the value of your live streams and sell more products.  

Once the stream is over, you will see a new tab in the dashboard — next to the Moderate tab — called Edit. You can use the tools in the Edit tab to trim out the parts of the live stream that you don’t want to include in your shoppable replay video. 

Trimming video clips

If there are parts of the live show that you don't want to include in the recorded replay, you can trim those parts out using the tools in the Edit tab. Here's how it works: 

  1. Drag the time indicator (the blue dot) at the spot where you want the trim to start. 
  2. Click the SPLIT button. 
  3. Drag the time indicator at the spot where you want the trim to end. 
  4. Click the SPLIT button again. 
  5. Mouse over the sequence in between the two split points. A red garbage can icon will appear. 
  6. Click the red garbage can icon to delete the sequence.
  7. Repeat the process to remove all non-desired parts of the video.  
  8. When done, click the FINALIZE button. 
  9. Give your new recording a name and click the FINALIZE & SAVE button. 

The replay video will be saved as a new show. You’ll see it in the Shows tab, in the Ended section, with a link icon next to the name.



Editing a video will always create a new video with a unique ID. The original video will not be altered.

Posting replay videos to your website

To post the shoppable replay video to your website, all you have to do is copy the replay show’s embed code from the Setup tab and paste the code on your website. 

Downloading raw footage

You can download a raw, unedited version of your live stream — without the product highlights overlay and chat logs — by going to the Edit tab: Just scroll to the bottom of the screen and click either the pointing arrow down icon or the play button and click download.



You have the option to download your footage in .mp4 or .flv format.