How to add, edit and delete a user

Learn how to add, remove, manage users

In the Settings tab, under Users, you can manage your team. The number of users you can have in your account is set by your subscription.


Important information!

Since mid-June, 2022 we have updated the roles and permissions. Existing users will have the same permissions as before. Read more below!

How will these new roles affect existing users?

Not at all. Existing users will have the same permissions enabled as before. However, the naming and structure of the new roles and permissions will, in some cases, be different.

  • Old Admins will be Owners and have all permissions
  • Hosts will only have the permission to Go live from app. (Same as old Hosts) 
  • Old Moderators will only have the permission to Moderate

1. Adding new users

To add a new user, click Add User, enter their name and email and assign them the preferred permission. Click Invite to add the user. They will automatically be sent a welcome email with login instructions. The user(s) can then log in to the dashboard and/or the app, depending on their role. 

2. Roles and permission levels

Bambuser offers three different pre-defined roles, or, to give you additional freedom and flexibility, you can change permission yourself. Each role has a set of predefined permissions enabled. Those permissions can’t be disabled on a user level, but it’s possible to add other permissions, to a user, that doesn’t belong to the selected role. This means that a user can be assigned permissions without having a role. On the other hand, it’s also possible to have multiple roles activated per user for the same product. For e.g., you can be both a show creator and a host for the 1:M dashboard.



For information on how to moderate, please read these articles; Moderate: Chat Moderate: Products

3. Editing and removing users

If you have admin access you can edit or remove a user. To edit or remove a user from your Bambuser account, go to Settings > Users. You will see a list of all users in your account and their roles. Click the three dots . . .next to the user's name to edit or remove them.



Only Admins can add/remove users.

Previous roles and permissions (Before mid-June, 2022)

  1.  Admin: Full access including;
    - Access to each functionality in the dashboard
    - Creating shows
    - Access to the moderation view including real-time stats as sales, viewers & more
    - Complete access to stats
    - Access to the Bambuser app to go live

  2. Moderator: Limited access including;
    - Access to the profile section and show start page (can not create shows)
    - Access to the moderation view excluding real-time stats as sales, viewers & more

  3. HostLimited access (needs to get added in the dashboard as Host prior to stream) including;
    - Access to the Bambuser app to go live
    - Full streaming capability as Bambuser App, Pre-recorded, External cameras (RTMP)

  4. Host with privilegesBy clicking Host you will access "Can manage their own shows".
    The user will then have similar access as an admin as creating shows in the dashboard, moderate, and see stats. However, the person can ONLY see shows and stats they have created, nothing else. Perfect user permission for instance if a supplier would like to host a show.