Embed the Bambuser player on your website

How to add the Bambuser player to your website or landing page

Every show you create in the Bambuser dashboard has a unique embed code. The live show will stream on the web page(s) where the code is embedded. Here's how it works. 

  1. From the Shows tab in the Bambuser dashboard, either create a new show (instructions here) ‍or click on an existing show. From there you'll be taken to the Setup page. 
  2. Scroll down to the Embed section. There you'll see a code block.
  3. Click the COPY button to copy the embed code. 
  4. Paste the embed code in the <body> section of your website. 
  5. Note: The player can be implemented with different behaviors, please go to our documentation to explore different options and what is required.

You can embed the video on any website, but if you want Bambuser’s add-to-cart functionality to work with your eCommerce site, it’s best to embed the player on the same site.


If you want to test your live stream settings before adding the embed code to your website, you can create a test page. Instructions on how to create a test page can be found here.‍