Go Live with the Bambuser app

Everything you need to know before you go live with the Bambuser mobile app

Are you ready to host a show? Then open up the Bambuser mobile app to get started. 

Once you log in to the Bambuser app, you’ll be taken to the Shows screen. Here you’ll see a list of Upcoming, Scheduled, and Ended shows where you’ve been assigned as the host. 

  • Upcoming = shows that have been created, but don’t have a set date and time. 
  • Scheduled = upcoming shows that have been scheduled. 
  • Ended = past shows. Tap on the video to see the stats. 


If you’re working with multiple companies or assigned to multiple dashboards, there will be a drop-down menu at the top of the screen where you can choose which shows you want to access.

Prepare to host a show

  1. Select the show you’re going to host from either Scheduled or Upcoming shows. 

  2. If you’re doing a Scheduled show, verify that the title and start time are correct.
  3. Tap on the show.  

On the next screen you’ll have three options: 

  • Run network test
  • Products
  • Get ready

Run network test

Run network test will, as the name suggests, run a network test showing you the status of your wifi or mobile data network connection. You can learn more about the network test by clicking here. ‍ 


As a host, you can review the list of products in a show before the show goes live, and remove products from the list as needed. You also have the ability to highlight products while the live stream is in progress. 

  • To review the product list in the app, tap on Products. You’ll see a list of products with their names. 
  • To remove a product, tap Edit at the top of the list, then tap the remove icon. 


New products can only be added through the dashboard. We recommend that you have someone off-camera manage the product list from the dashboard. Learn more about managing and highlighting products ‍from the dashboard.

Get ready

Once everything is ready to go, tap the Get ready button at the bottom of the screen. This will open your camera and show you what the stream will look like before you go live. 


Tapping the Get ready button does not trigger a broadcast, so you can check the positioning of the host, products, and all other elements on the screen at this stage.

To get out of preview mode, just click the back arrow button at the top-left corner of the screen. 

If everything looks good, tap the Go Live! button. You’ll get a 3-second countdown before the stream officially starts. 

Go live! 

While live, you can do the following things in the app:

  • Reverse your camera
  • Tap on an object to change the exposure (iOS app only)
  • Highlight one or more products from the product list
  • See and respond to chat messages
  • Tap on the Pause Show button to temporarily pause the broadcast
  • Tap on the End Show button to end the broadcast

Advice on positioning products in-screen‍ can be found here. 

Pausing a live show

You also have the option to pause the show if you prefer. The difference between ending and pausing a show is that you can restart a paused show. To pause a show, tap the End show button, then press Pause

While the show is paused, the viewer will see a pause screen. You can customize the pause screen in the Setup tab in the dashboard. Read more about customizing the player settings‍ here. 

Tap the Start Again button when you're ready to continue the show.

Ending a live show

To end the live stream, tap the End show button at the top-right corner of the screen, then press End Live Show.