Share Screen, Chat & Browser History

Share screen

The agent can also use the screen-sharing option to share any external material, presentation, or imagery. Make sure to allow your system preferences to access screen-sharing before a call.


The chat function can be used by both the agent and the customer, from here you can share links and contact information. Use this chat as you see fit.

Browser history

The agent can see all the pages the customer has browsed from the call with our feature browser history.

Share Screen on iOS Agent App

Agents using our Personalized Video Commerce (One-to-One) solution with the iOS app can also seamlessly share their iPhone/iPad screen during a call.

How to Share Screen on iPad:

  1. During the call, select Screenshare located in the bottom right corner
  2. Click Start Broadcast 
  3. Your screen is now being successfully shared

How to Share Screen on iPhone:

  1. During the call, click the hamburger menu and select Screenshare 
  2. Click Start Broadcast
  3. Your screen is now being successfully shared

How to Stop Screensharing on iPad and iPhone:

Simply click Stop Screen Sharing in the top right corner and confirm using the Screen Broadcast popup that appears.