Moderate chat

How to assign moderators, manage comments, and more

For live shopping viewers, the chat is their way to interact with your stream in real-time. Chat enables your audience to ask questions, add comments, and engage with your brand in a personal way. 

Chat basics

All the chat moderation tools can be found under the Chat tab in the Bambuser dashboard. Just select the Moderate tab on top and the Chat tab on the right (next to Products). Hosts can also post new comments and unpin pinned comments through the Bambuser app. 

Moderator chat messages look slightly different than regular chat messages. This is to let viewers know that the message comes from you, and not just from another viewer. 

To send a message in the chat, just type your message in the chat window and hit the Enter key or click the SEND button. Your message will appear in the chat in a few seconds. 

It’s best to stick with plain-text messages in the chat. But if you do need to send a link, you can. Just add https:// in front of the URL. 


Only links sent by moderators are clickable. Links sent by normal viewers will not be clickable.

You can also reply to individual chat messages. All you have to do is: 

  1. Mouse over the comment you want to reply to
  2. Click on the comment
  3. Write your reply
  4. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard

The reply will look like this in the chat: 

Assigning moderators

Unlike Hosts, you don’t have to assign certain people to be chat moderators. Anyone with access to your company’s Bambuser dashboard and an Admin account can act as a chat moderator. Hosts can also interact and respond to chat messages through the Bambuser app.

To moderate a live chat: 

  1. Login to the Bambuser dashboard
  2. On the Shows tab, click on the show you want to moderate
  3. Click on the Moderate tab
  4. On the right side of the screen, click on Chat

From here you can post messages, reply to questions, and moderate the live chat. You can have as many admins moderating the show as you want to. However, it can be difficult to coordinate if multiple people are trying to do the exact same thing simultaneously.

As a moderator, your chat messages will include your profile name and image from your Bambuser account. So, we recommend that all chat moderators use the same name and profile picture‍. To set this up, just have everyone who will be moderating the chat set their profile name to your company name, and profile image to your company logo.

Moderation tools

Chat terms

Before a viewer can use the chat, they have to submit a user name and agree to the chat terms. The standard agreement looks like this: 

[ ] I accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of [Company Name].

 Hello, here you can chat with [Company Name] about our products. We are here to answer your questions. Please note that other viewers and visitors on our site may also see your name and the information you are adding to the chat. You acknowledge and agree to transfer personal information (chat name and the comments you post). Just put your name in the field above and start chatting!

You can modify the chat terms in the Chat moderation tab, depending on your subscription level. 


Read more about modifying chat terms‍ here. 

Profanity Blacklist 

Bambuser will automatically block any words that are on our Profanity Blacklist. Currently, the list consists of more than 500 English words. During a live show, whenever a viewer types any of the words on the profanity list, they will appear to the one who wrote it but not to any other viewers. 


If you would like to skip this option, Bambuser can disable it for your dashboard.

Pin and unpin messages

As a moderator, you have the ability to “pin” a message in the chat. Pinned messages will appear static at the bottom of the chat (mobile view) or at the top of the chat (desktop view). You can only have one pinned message at a time. 

You can pin/unpin messages from the dashboard. Hosts can unpin chat messages in the Bambuser app, but you can only pin messages through the dashboard. 

Delete, block, unpublish messages

The moderator’s job is to keep the conversation on track. That’s why Bambuser includes a number of features to help you stay in control of the conversation. 

  • If a comment is unpublished, it is removed from the chat — but can be re-published later if you like. 
  • If a comment is deleted, it is removed from the chat and from the subsequent chat logs. 
  • If a comment is blocked, no past or future messages from that user will display to the public, but they will not know they are blocked. 

Pause the chat

To prevent the chat from becoming flooded when there are thousands of viewers chatting at the same time, we limit the number of messages displayed in the video player to 2 posts per second. But if you need to, you can also pause the chat. The Pause chat checkbox will disable chat for viewers, limiting messages to moderators only. 

Downloading chat logs

Once the live stream is over, you can download a copy of the chat log for your records. To download the chat log, go to the Moderate tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the DOWNLOAD CHAT button. The chat log will be exported as a .csv file.