In-screen positioning

How to place products on screen

Sometimes it can be hard to showcase a product in a live-stream. There are other things happening on-screen, so knowing the best way to position a product is very important. So, here are some tips for in-screen positioning:  

1. If you’re streaming from a phone, the screen is mirrored. This means that the products highlighted on-screen are on the opposite side. If you’re looking at the mirrored image, products will be on your left. 

2. Position yourself so that you’re not obstructed by other on-screen elements. This is especially important in the mobile view, where the screen can include:

  • Up to three product highlights 
  • Up to five chat messages

  • Logo, product icon, and like button

3. To successfully engage the audience, the host and product should be the main focus. Stay in the frame as much as possible, and stay close to the camera so that the focus is on you.