Product Bundles

This feature is exclusively available for the Bam Player. Still on the Standard Player? Read this guide on how to easily switch. 

Product Bundles give you the freedom to showcase multiple products simultaneously in a single product highlight. Select several products and effortlessly create your Product Bundles through the Moderator view.

With Product Bundles, you can showcase multiple products to viewers simultaneously while curating combinations that complement each other, boosting your upselling potential.


How It Works


  1. When setting up a show or uploading a pre-recorded video, add your products as usual
  2. After setting up the video, click MODERATE in the top right corner
  3. Once in the Moderator view, click Products and then click New Bundle 
  4. Name the bundle and add the products you wish to include
  5. To showcase the product bundle to shoppers; click the bundle as you would with a regular product highlight
  6. Done! You have successfully created and showcased a product bundle


Please note: Managing Product Bundles is currently available in the Bam Hub on desktop only - coming soon to the Bambuser app.

How It Works | Video Demo


Visualization of Product Bundles in the Moderator View




How many products can be added to a Product Bundle?

You can add up to 100 products to a Product Bundle