Only eligible for enterprise customers. If you are on a enterprise agreement, please reach out to your Bambuser point of contact to activate the feature.

Enable private events to engage with your chosen viewers. Invite them to your exclusive launch, membership only events or product discussions. This adds another layer and the possibility to target your audiences in a dynamic way.   

You decide who you want to target!

How it works

When creating an event in the dashboard you easily enable the password-protected feature. Choose any password you see fit and share the link to the show. The customer is prompted to enter the password before getting access to the pre curtain or the ongoing live broadcast.    

It works for any type of show, broadcasted from the app, pre-recorded and external cameras, live or on demand. The show will not be shown in the Floating action button or in any Channel. Entering the password is the only way to get access to the show for a viewer, but you can choose to disable the password-protected feature and make it publicly available for everyone. 

How to set it up      

  1. Create a regular show
  2. Update the pre curtain under Player settings. The password protected screen will inherit the background  image or color, font color and logo. If you don’t update the pre curtain it will default to a white background for the password protected screen

  3. Activate the feature on the set up page
  4. Type any password with a minimum of 8 characters
  5. And you are done! Start inviting people to your password protected show

Update the text

If you want to update the text ”Enter your password to enter the show” you can do so by contacting your Bambuser agent.