How to use the curtains

Learn how to customize the pre-show, post-show, and pause screens

Every live show includes screens (also sometimes called curtains) that will be displayed before and after the show, as well as a screen for paused shows. You can customize and modify the screens to fit your brand. Here's how:  

  1. From the dashboard, click on the show you want to customize. From there you will be taken to the Setup screen. 
  2. Click on Player Settings to open the player options. 
  3. Click on the CUSTOMIZE SCREENS button.  

From here you can either upload your own images/GIFs or modify the color and text of the screens right from the dashboard. 


Screen customization is not available in Bambuser One-to-Many Starter. 

Upload your own images/GIFs

To upload your own images as screens: 

  1. Click on the screen you want to upload (before show, pause, or end of show).
  2. Mouse over the rectangle with THEME DEFAULT written in the middle.
  3. Click on UPLOAD IMAGE.
  4. Select the file you want to upload and click Open.


To make sure your images fit on the screen, they need to meet the following requirements: 

Player V1:

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • Maximum file size: 1.5 MB

Player V2:

  • Aspect ratio: 3:2
  • Maximum file size: 1.5 MB

Modify your screens in the dashboard

If you don't want to upload your own images, you can still modify the look and feel of your screens in the dashboard. 

Background color

Check the background color checkbox to change the background color of the screen. You can specify the color using a hex color code. 


Your hex color code needs to start with a #. 


In the Settings section, you will see a number of checkboxes. Check the box to remove the following content from your screen: 

Checkbox name Content
Hide headline STARTING SOON
Hide countdown Clock counting down to the live show
Hide logo Logo at the bottom-left of the screen
Hide add to calendar button Add to calendar button
Hide share button Share button


There is currently no option to change the headline text.


Check the Color checkbox to change the color of the headline text. 


Here, you have some options for modifying three different buttons: 

  • Add to calendar button
  • Share button
  • CTA button

For the Add to calendar and Share buttons, you can modify the background and text colors, but not the text itself. 

For the CTA button, you can: 

  • Write your own text
  • Specify the link you want the button to take people to 
  • Modify the background and text color


The modification options for the pause screen are slightly different: You do not have the option to add or hide any buttons.