How to use the add-to-calendar & share feature

Compatible for Bambusers' and viewers'

This feature within the player allows you to easily share your show on all your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and via Whatsapp and email. The share feature provides the user with a deep link that drives them directly to the show instead of the landing page.‍ If you aren’t using these features to improve your reach, your number of viewers, or how effective your Live Video Shopping platform is overall, speak to your Account Manager at Bambuser today!

We’ve also the ability to share from a specific timestamp in a recorded show, so viewers can guide their friends to the exact part of the show they want to share. This article provides you with visual examples of how you can spread the word about your live shows: On all channels

Add to calendar

You can easily add the show to your calendar to make sure you are not missing the excitement, directly from the pre-screen.
Bambuser has direct integration with:
  1. Google Calendar
  2. Apple
  3. Outlook
  4. Or download the .ics-file


The sharing capability enables you as Bambuser Live Shopper to share a direct URL from your upcoming show. You will easily receive the URL from the pre-screen, meaning once the show has been embedded on your website and you click on it. Once the player opens, hit the share button, and start promoting the show via the URL in:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Social media stories
  3. Facebook
  4. This is a great opportunity to create the hype!

Moreover, it additionally enables the ability for viewers to share shows on social media or with friends directly from the player.   



This example is from the Bambuser testing environment. You should always use the URL once the show has been embedded to your website