Bambuser Video Shopping | Shopify App

Bambuser’s Social Video Commerce (One-to-Many) solution is available to download on the Shopify App Store. In this article, you will learn how you download the Bambuser Video Shopping app and get started with video commerce on your Shopify site. 


How to Get Started 

  1. Install the Bambuser Video Shopping app on Shopify
  2. Choose your preferred plan & set up billing
  3. Fill in the form to register for a Bambuser account
  4. You have the option to create a Channels page at this stage if you’d like
  5. Download the Bambuser mobile app
    1. iOS
    2. Android
  6. If you want to set up a show from your desktop, please see the guide below
  7. You can also set up a show straight from the mobile app, please see the guide below


Video Demo | How to Install the App


How to Go Live from the Bambuser Bam Hub (Desktop) 

After completing the five steps in How to Get Started, please continue with the below to go live through desktop:

  1. Check your email from your computer and click the magic link in the email from Bambuser
  2. A new tab will open and you will be logged in to the Bambuser Bam Hub
  3. Click Shows in the left-hand menu and then click New Show in the top right corner
  4. Name the show, and proceed to Create Show. Before going live for the first time, it can be a good idea to create a Test Show. If you want to use existing video content and not go live, you can simply change to Pre-Recorded in the dropdown menu for Video Source
  5. Add products from your brand to make your video shoppable. More information here: Add products
  6. When you have created the show, you will get a notification on your phone that a new show has been set up. Click the notification or access the show directly from the app
  7. When in the app, click the show you want to stream, and simply click Start Show when you are ready to go live. More information here: Go live from the mobile app 
  8. See the live or pre-recorded show on the product page within your Shopify store (and on your Channels page, if you choose to add it)


How to Go Live from the Bambuser iOS/Android App

After completing the five steps in How to Get Started, please continue with the below for going live through your mobile phone:

  1. Check your email on your mobile phone and click the magic link in the email from Bambuser
  2. The link will redirect you to the Bambuser iOS/Android that you just downloaded
  3. Click on ‘+’ to open the Create show set-up page
  4. Give your show a title and set the schedule
  5. It is optional to give your show a title. However, we always recommend adding a description to give your viewers as much information as possible
  6. Your show will then be displayed on the show listing page
  7. Click the show to add products
  8. Done! You can start streaming straight away by clicking the purple button Start Show (or go live at the scheduled time)

Video Demo | How to Create a Show 


Adding Product to Product Detail Pages (PDP)

As shown in the demo video above; when you stream a video and have added products in the show settings, that video will automatically be added to the PDP pages of those added products. This means that the PDP pages will be populated with the correct video as soon as the video is streamed, with no need for additional manual work. 



Channels serve as the central hub where you can effortlessly add shows, making it the ultimate destination for managing your collection of both existing and upcoming shows.

If you would like to change the appearance of your Channels, please download and submit the Design Form through the Channels page



How to Get Started with Channels

  1. Navigate to the left-hand side menu and select Navigation under the Online Store section
  2. Next, choose Main Menu and click on Add menu item
  3. Provide a name for the module, such as "Live Shows," or and select Pages from the dropdown menu
  4. Wait momentarily for the dropdown menu to load, then select your module Video Shopping from the list
  5. Click Add located in the lower right corner
  6. Save your changes by clicking on Save in the upper right corner
  7. Open your Shopify website in a new tab to observe the addition of the Channels page to your site menu
  8. To access your Channels page, simply click on Channels from the menu


Video Demo | How to Get Started with Channels