Add and remove users

Learn how to add, remove, and manage users in the Bambuser dashboard

In the Settings tab, under Users, you can manage your team. 


The number of users you can have in your account is set by your subscription. 

Adding new users

To add a new user, click Add User and enter their name and email. Assign them to be either:

  • Admin: Permission to access the dashboard, create and moderate shows, and see all show information. Admins can also be assigned to host shows.
  • Host: Access to the broadcasting app only. Hosts have access to the features needed to shoot and host shows, but not to admin functions like adding/removing users or adding products.

Click Invite to add the user. They will automatically be sent a welcome email with login instructions. 

The user(s) can then log in to the dashboard and/or the app, depending on their role. 

Removing users

To remove a user from your Bambuser account, go to Settings > Users. You will see a list of all users in your account. Click the X next to the user's name to remove them. 


Only Admins can add/remove users.