Chat terms

How to add your chat terms in the dashboard

Chat terms

The chat term is the terms of use a viewer must agree to before they're allowed to participate in the chat. It usually contains some information about data privacy and codes of conduct. 

See the example below:

Add your chat terms

In the dashboard quick start guide (Setup your Dashboard), you can add your chat term for your default language. You need to be a user with OWNER permission to be able to add and customize your chat term.

Bambuser provides example standard text for over +50 languages.

1. No customization
Add your Terms & Conditions/Privacy policy URL and the description. You can copy+paste the standard English chat term.

2. Click "Add custom consent text"
In this area, you can customize your consent text and change the URL and the caption for the hyperlink. Use markdown [test markdown](URL to hyperlink) to make it clickable

3. Add additional URL
In this example, we used markdown to add a second URL.

4. Save
Once complete, click save & complete. You will get notified about the change.

Multiple languages

If you are streaming in multiple languages, please email your consent text and links for each language to

How do I test it visually?

You can quickly test and explore what chat term and privacy policy URL is added by creating a test show in the dashboard, going live, and clicking open preview. By entering the chat, you can now see what is implemented. 

See the GIF below for guidance:



The dashboard can only visualize one language, which is your default language. Thus, in this view, you can only examine the chat terms for the default setting. If you have multiple languages, you need to implement the player on your site to be able to explore the implemented term.

Best practices for writing chat terms

  • Include details on what the viewer can and cannot do in the chat and what will happen if they violate the terms
  • Write in your language
  • Make sure to link to your company's privacy policy