Cookies, Performance, Tracking & More



In this article, you will find (hopefully) the answer to your question. If not, please contact Bambuser Support for help. Click on each accordion for the answer

Can we track abandoned carts?

The Bambuser cart is reflected instantly to your native cart on an add-to-cart event in our player, so if you have an abandoned cart trigger you can handle it on your own.


How can we track our performance?

In your Dashboard, CSV export, Data layer, and API. Reach out to our Bambuser contact for more information.


How does Bambuser track using cookies?

Bambuser Live Shopping player automatically sets the cookies below. These cookies are used by the Bambuser Conversion Tracker to find out whether a purchase is relevant to a LiveShopping show. If the below cookies exist and are valid, the purchase is considered as a conversion and is tracked to the show stats. If cookies are restricted, removed, or expired, Bambuser Conversion Tracker does not track the purchase.

Read more here: Conversion trackingDelete

Can we use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to embed the player?

You can inject the JavaScript part of the embed code via GTM, but that only enables the ability to open the player, it does not add any trigger button that would actually allow the user to open the player (this can be a button or a clickable image, etc).

If the desired trigger element exists on the page - if a button was added via the site's CMS, for example - then the embed code can be slightly adjusted to attach to that element and work even when injected via GTM. You can remove the `node` part of the embed code which causes the player to open up automatically when the user arrives at the page (i.e. not clickable element necessary).Delete

How do we define viewers on the stats page (unique viewers, live vs recorded)

Viewers are defined as the total number of unique devices that have watched a show. We do not in any way try to track users across multiple devices. If a viewer (user) watches both live and recorded on the same device, the viewer (user) will be counted as 1 live viewer and 1 recorded viewer. However, the total number of viewers will still only be 1. 


How can we collect emails from the participants of a show?

You have three different options for this:

1 Add a custom CTA on the end screen, with “sign up to our newsletter”

2 Only use promo code/GWP for subscribers

3 Add “subscribe here” On the landing page where the show is implemented