Broadcast Report

Review the quality of the stream and its technical performance.

Bambuser Dashboard ->Ended Show->Edit


Who can use this feature

  • Users on any plan. Review or upgrade your plan here
  • Users with Admin permission can view the broadcast report. 

Brief overview

After your Live show has ended, you will be able to load a report from your show highlighting the broadcast's technical performance. We call this the Broadcast Report. We recommend you to always read it once you have performed a test show to verify that the network and broadcast quality is stable enough to broadcast. 


  1. From Dashboard, go to Shows and click on an Ended Show. Note that broadcast reports is only available once the show has ended. 
  2. Click on the Edit tab. 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "chart" icon. 
  4. A new tab will open with the Broadcast Report

In Show Edit go to Videos and click on the "chart" icon

The Broadcast Report will open in a new tab. 

How to read the Broadcast Report

  • Device: Gives you details on the device used to host the live broadcast (both the hardware and software). 
  • Broadcast: Gives you details on the broadcast itself: length of the broadcast, max resolution, orientation. 
  • Video quality: Lets you know how good the video was during the broadcast. 
  • Stream: Explains the conditions for streaming. 
  • Issues: A list of any problems with the stream, such as a bad network connection. 
  • Incoming data rate: Shows how much video and audio data was received from the broadcaster: Reduced data transfer can lead to low video quality. 
  • Received video quality: Gives you an indication of how the video quality was for the viewer. 
  • Server health: Shows you how stable your connection was during the stream. If your network is stable, the resolution axis will be a straight line. The frame rate will fluctuate a bit even on stable networks, but anything over 20 frames per second (fps) is excellent.