Terms of service & privacy policy

The terms of service & privacy policy URL are the terms of use a customer must agree to before they're allowed to participate in the call. By default, your Dashboard will provide and implement a standard text with your language of choice. This can however be customized if you are a standard or enterprise client to suit your tone of voice.

See the example below:

  • Above, "Let's have a live shopping video call": this will be set in your language of choice
  • Below, "By clicking Drop in, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy URL, this will be a URL to your website, for instance, https://www.brand.com/privacy-policy

Exisiting translations: English (US), German, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, Greek, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish.

Incoming translations: Danish, Finnish