Manage queues

Queue list

As an admin, you can manage queues inside the dashboard. Head on over to Queues to get started. You can configure them any way you would like. Most common use cases are based on location and/or categories.

  • Add queue You can add as many queues as you like
  • Rename queue You can rename any created queue - if you are selecting queues through code, make sure to rename the queue in there as well
  • Delete queue Deleting the queue will delete all its history and content. Operation is not recoverable
  • Select default queue If no queues are specified in the code, the caller will enter the default queue

Opening hours

As an admin, you can configure the times when callers will be able to call. If they call outside of those hours, they will get a message that it serves is currently closed.

The opening hours will be based on the time zone selected on top of the page. Opening hours will apply to all queues.