Increase visibility with the Floating Action Button


Who can use this feature?

Users on a Lite, Standard, or Enterprise plan

Can't find this feature in your Dashboard? Please reach out to your point of contact at Bambuser.

In order to get as many visits to a live show as possible, you can embed this widget to all or selected pages on your website. The widget will become visible to all the users browsing your website when a live show is happening.

  1. Let website visitors know there are live shows 
  2. Automatically captures a video preview from a live show
  3. Easy for visitors to choose if they want to keep watching or minimize
  4. Present this widget on any page where you can run javascript          



How to use it

You can activate the Floating Action Button from the Widget section or the show setup page. On your Floating Action Button settings page, you can select a show which should be presented when the show is live. On this page, you can also choose the position of the Floating Action Button in the drop-down menu and get the script needed to implement.



You first need to create a show on the show setup page to add a show from the Widgets section.

You can also select a specific show which should be visible with the Floating Action Button on a particular show’s setup page by ticking the box. Ensure that you have embedded the code accordingly. Otherwise, it will not show on your site.

How to test it visually

You can test how the Floating Action Button will look like on your website. The functionalities as opening the player wholly will not proceed. However, this is a great way to visually present how it will be appearing on your website.

This is how you do it;

  1. Create a show in your show setup page
  2. Tick the box for Floating Action Button
  3. Start the show from your phone
  4. Head over to Widgets and copy the embed code at the bottom of the page
  5. Go to your site, open console (right-click & go to Inspect - Console)
  6. Paste the code and delete <script>  in the beginning and </script> in the end
  7. Press enter - The Floating Action Button is live on your site!



If you want to make it appear with an actual show, including full functionalities, please follow the instructions on embedding the Floating Action Button.

How to embed the Floating Action Button

On your FAB settings page, press the Copy button in the Embed part found on this page. This copies the embed code, which can be inserted on any page where you want to present the FAB.

Tip: if you want to present this FAB on multiple pages or based on other rules, it’s a good idea to include this script either globally on your site or consists of this script in your Google Tag Manager(or alike).

For implementation documentation on how to embed the Floating Action Button, please visit our Bambuser documentation here.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change the position of the FAB?                                           

Yes, you can change the position through the code.


Can I change the color/font of the FAB?                                                 

Yes, but you will need help from the Bambuser team and these settings and changes will apply not only to the Floating Action Button but for the Channels too. Please reach out to your Bambuser point of contact for more information.


Does the FAB support landscape?                                          

Yes, it will change depending on the dimensions of the broadcast. If the broadcast has a width that is equal to or higher than the height it will be considered landscape.


Is it possible to change the size of the FAB button?                 

It is currently not possible to change the size of the FAB button.


Can I change the text of the FAB?                                              

Yes, you can change the text.