Preparation before going live

Live Show Success Factors

Live Video Shopping is generally as easy as pie, but there are a few factors to take it to the next level. As you have read in the preview article, the network and in-screen positioning are vital for an immersive experience for the viewers. You can take it further by promoting it prior to going live, knowing the dos and don'ts in the chat, and what host is the best suited for this show. 

Let's explore the last part of the journey!

Tease Tease Tease

It's vital you promote and tease prior to your live by utilizing all your channels to promote and advertise your upcoming shows.

  • What is the agenda?
  • What's in it for me as a viewer?
  • When will you stream?

Tease tease tease... Create fun and exciting reels and stories on Instagram, optimize visibility on your site, paid ads, and your most valuable customer base, your Members' club, and newsletter. You can reach your customers and potential viewers in a wide aspect. Go as big as you can.

1.3 Who should be in front of the camera?

What is the goal of your live show? It is important to understand your target group and content to achieve maximum success. We have divided these into three main parts:

  1. In house experts
  2. Influencers/Talent
  3. Ambassadors/Experts

Depending on your show concept and goal, reconsider who would suit the topic the best!



Chose a host that is comfortable in front of the camera, it will make the show better


In Live Video Shopping, engagement is the name of the game. You want viewers to really feel like they’re engaging in a two-way conversation with you, not just watching a show. We have summarized the fundamental parts to engage successfully with your viewers:

  • Guide the viewers and interact in the chat. Call out names, ask questions and make your viewers included in your show. Once showcasing a product, point on the product card and explain the product list.
  • Demonstrate and emphasize your expertise on why your product is the best one out there! Stress the quality, fit, function, and more
  • Why should your viewers buy this product? Describe the impact it will have in their daily life
  • Create a sense of urgency by encouraging viewers to buy now

What is the most important rule of live streaming? 

Don’t be boring! People tune in to live broadcasts because they like the authenticity of it: anything can happen, and that makes live streams interesting. Some special events or surprises you can include in your live stream to increase engagement include: 

  1. New product or feature announcements 
  2. Surprise guests
  3. Special tutorials
  4. Discount codes
  5. Giveaways

 Key takeaways

  • Answering questions
  • Measuring engagement: The Like & Chat tool
  • The element of surprise
  • Explore in-depth our hosting guide here! (it will open in a new tab, no worries)

Succeed in the chat

Striking the right voice and tone for your live shopping and creating an engaging audience can be tricky. So here are three tips on striking the right voice and tone in your chat messages and executing the correct engagement triggers during the show.

Prepare your welcome message and send them right before the show goes live. You should also pin it so viewers can read it when they tune in. 
Interact with the viewers through the chat and work with the host to keep engagement high. You can do this through reminders, engagement triggers and revealing promo codes/competitions. 

Engagement triggers

Have a few questions for your audience to get them talking so you can get to know them better. 

  1. Where are you watching from?

  2. Which one is your favorite?
What would you like to see in the next live shopping? 

  4. Nonetheless, make sure to answer some of the questions in the chat and interact with the viewers. Collaborate with the host to keep engagement high. 

Summarize the live show and let the audience know that the show is available to watch (and shop) again as a recording. 

  • Take the time to ask for feedback 
  • Thank the audience for their time, and tease the next live show (if possible) 
  • Thank you chat message: when wrapping the show, thank the viewers and explain that they can watch the show again later, share it with friends, and remind them to complete check-out

 Key takeaways

  • Prepare messages and questions to post during the live show, to make sure all the details are covered.
  • Collaborate with the host to answer questions from the viewers
  • Use chat moderation to keep engagement and interaction high. Friendly reminders and open questions are the keys!
  • Explore in-depth what to write and when in our chat guide here! (it will open in a new tab, no worries)