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In this article, you will find (hopefully) the answer to your question. If not, please contact Bambuser Support for help. Click on each accordion for the answer

In what formats can a video be downloaded?

Downloading a broadcast video is done inside the Bambuser Dashboard. Currently, we support FLV and MP4 formats. Click on the show, head over to Edit, and click the arrow in the corner. 


Why do my viewers see a delay in the video?

Some delay (normally referred to as "latency") is inevitable when live streaming to a website. The delay is usually 8-10s which gives the moderator the chance to un-publish the show if something goes wrong. Note that the delay can vary from viewer to viewer.

In the moderator view inside the dashboard, we use a player with much lower latency (1-3s).


What is the maximum/recommended/minimum quality support by the live stream?

At the moment 720p is the maximum to ensure the best possible frame rate for most viewers. The quality will change adaptively based on network quality.


Why is the video blurry and/or stutters?

The quality of the video (its resolution and frame rate) is dependent on the broadcaster's network. Bambuser's broadcasting technology adjusts the video's resolution and frame rates up or down based on the capacity of the broadcaster's network at any given moment. By lowering the video's quality when the network's capacity goes down we reduce the risk of interruptions in the stream.

When/if the network can't cope, the video may stutter for a while before the app manages to switch to a lower quality setting. The perceived quality is also affected by the viewer's network. If the viewer's network doesn't have enough capacity to view the broadcast in full quality, the player will switch to a lower resolution, thus reducing the quality of the video (for that particular viewer) but keeping the video flowing uninterrupted.


Will the mobile screen auto-lock during a live show?

No, it won’t. However, there is nothing that stops the user from locking the screen manually. The effect of that depends on a host's mobile operating system. 
- On Android, this will stop the show.

- On iOS, the show is frozen and resumes if the mobile is unlocked within a few seconds.


What happens if the host by mistake ends the show instead of pausing it?

In that case, the show should be reactivated by the admin in the dashboard. There is no need to create a new show if you want to be up and running again ASAP. Creating a new show will also create a new show ID that is not linked to your current CTA by default.


Why doesn't the video start automatically?

For iOS users: Please make sure you don't have "Low Power Mode" turned on on your device, as it disables the autoplay function.


Is 4G or 5G better than my WIFI for broadcasting? 

Which network is best for live streaming depends on many factors.

See the Network guide for hosts for a thorough discussion and practical advice.


How do we verify if the network is good for the host?

We recommend testing your internet connection on

We have written a guide on how to verify the host's internet connection.


What is the recommended upload speed?

When broadcasting live video, uplink (upload) speed is more important than download speed. We recommend that your host's upload speed be at least 10 Mbps to achieve the highest video resolution. You can verify this on


How many simultaneous viewers can Bambuser's live video shopping handle?

On the viewer side, the server is designed to increase capacity as the load increases. 

This capacity delivery is guaranteed by the provider as part of their delivery agreement. In the event that your video generates that level of viewership, that figure is within the capacity that our system is designed to handle. One thing that you might need to look at from your side is that a high number of viewers purchasing in your webshop may place higher loads on your server which is outside of Bambuser's control.