Stats CSV file

Detailed information and explanation of the CSV file

The CSV file includes detailed information from your show, in this article, you will find how to read and analyze it.

Download and filter of the time period

You can download the file from the stats overview page or from individually selected shows. You can select your desired time range through the filter option on the stats overview page. This allows you to select several live show performances to summarize in one report.

How to read the CSV file

The first row includes data on the total performance in the selected currency for the dashboard. All the following rows, and the columns after sales_purchases, represent the split by currency and attribution time window. The total number of rows in the file will reflect the number of currencies you offer. If you only offer one currency, the CSV file will contain 4 rows.

  1. Split by currency
    The rows from 2nd till the penultimate specify the sales split by currency. If you offer more than one currency there will be different rows to represent each. If all of your purchases are the same currency, the second row will be a repetition of the first row.

  2. Split by attribution window
    The last two rows specify the purchases made in a 30-day interval and a 7- day interval. The “30-day window” refers to the total sales attributed to the show (sales that took place within a window of 30 days from the last interaction with the show). The “7-day window” represents all purchases that were made within seven days from the last interaction with the show.

  3. Columns

        There are fifty columns with different KPIs divided into live, recorded, and total.

  • Show length - the total length in seconds the live show was streaming
  • Views - the number of views of the live show. If a viewer watches live and proceed to watch the recorded show (within the 30-minute session lifespan) they will be counted as 1 view live, 1 view recorded, and 1 view in total
  • Viewers - the number of unique viewers that watched the live show. A viewer can watch a show both live and recorded. They will be counted as 1 live viewer and 1 recorded viewer, but only 1 viewer in total. Viewers mobile & desktop - the split of unique viewers watching the live show from devices
  • Viewing duration - how many seconds the viewers have watched the live show on average
  • Add to cart - divided into unique and total interactions
  • Likes - divided into unique and total interactions
  • Chat - divided into unique and total interactions. Only live stats are presented because the chat function is disabled for recorded shows.
  • Add to calendar - the total number of times someone added the show to their calendar

Sales KPIs

  • Sales currency - the currency the dashboard and player displays
  • Sales revenue - the total amount of sales
  • Purchases - the number of purchases
  • Sales by currency - which currencies the purchases have been made in
  • Sales by currency purchases - the number of purchases made in a specific currency
  • Sales by currency revenue - amount of sales in the currency

  • Sales window interval - if the purchases were made within a 7 day or 30 days period from the last interaction with the show
  • Sales window purchases - the number of purchases made within a specific period from the last interaction with the show
  • Sales window revenue - the number of sales within the specified period from the last interaction with the show