Add details to a show

Add title, host, timezone and showtime to a live show


After creating a show‍, you’ll be taken to the Setup screen. 

Enter the title of your show in the TITLE field.  


Viewers will only see the show title if they hover over the player. However, hosts will see the show title in the Bambuser app. Only the first 60 characters (including spaces) will be displayed.

Next, click on the HOST field to see a drop-down list of all your available hosts. By default, the person creating the show (you) will also be assigned as the host. 


Hosts are people who have been assigned either Admin or Host in your Bambuser dashboard.

When a host is assigned to a show, they will receive a notification from the Bambuser app. 

If your show’s host isn’t in the drop-down list, they might not have been added to Bambuser yet. In that case, you can add them as a new user and they will be sent an automatic welcome email. 


Make sure the person you wish to host the show has been invited to your organization/team before inviting them to host.


Then, choose the date and time for your show. Click in the TIMEZONE field to set the timezone for your live stream, then click on the SHOWTIME field to choose the date and time for your show. 

  • Timezone: Countdowns will appear in a viewers’ local time. 
  • Showtime: Select time and date to enable the countdown in the player. 

By selecting a start date for your show you will populate the welcome screen shown to your viewers with a countdown. 

The host can override the countdown at any time. The live show starts when the host goes live. After the countdown has ended, the welcome screen will say “Starting soon” (or customized text) until the host goes live.

If you go back to the Shows tab, your new show will now appear in the Scheduled Shows section.