App Framework

Create custom apps and integrate on the Bambuser platform

The App Framework empowers all clients and partners to develop and seamlessly integrate apps into the Bambuser platform. By creating an app, you can alter the video commerce experience for your shoppers, through shoppable videos, shows and calls.

Start your app creation journey by ensuring you have proficient technical support at your disposal. We recommend getting help from one or several developers, depending on the scope of the app. Once your app is ready, simply reach out to our team at and we'll swiftly integrate it into your Bam Hub.



Use Cases

There are six different use cases you can create apps for today:

Use Case Visual Examples

Augmented Reality

Transform the video stream by creating apps that add filters, custom virtual backgrounds or virtual try-ons. 

Customized sign-ups (Adding screens)
Implement custom screens pre-show/call, post-show/call, or during virtual consultation calls or shows. Verify customers through SMS verification, collect data, password-protected shows, or other full-screen modifications.
Interactive Pop-Ups (Dialogs)
Add pop-ups or dialogs that do not cover the entire screen. This can for example be gamification pop-ups such as timers and raffles for shows or approval pop-ups in a shoppable call. 
Digital Collaboration 
Incorporate tools and features that enable both the agent and shopper to write, draw, or input information together. This might involve utilizing a collaborative board for brainstorming ideas, co-designing a kitchen, simultaneously selecting upgrades for a car, or jointly creating a travel itinerary on a map.
Real-Time Insights
Connect to CRM systems,  customer data from third-party sources and present to shoppers or agents during a call or show.
Add Music and Sound Effects (Audio Enhancement)
Add audio in the shows or your shoppable calls, for example, sound effects or add audio cues that are connected to your brand identity.



You can decide if you want to keep the already existing theme connected to your Bam Hub when building your app or create a new theme. 


How To Get Started


  1. We have created technical documentation to guide you through the process of initiating your custom app development. This resource is tailored for developers or users with a foundational understanding of technical development. If you are not a developer yourself, please forward this documentation to the person in charge of creating your app and make sure they are familiar with the process. 
  2. Bambuser provides a development environment that should make it easy to build and test your app within the Bambuser platform. You are free to use any build tool that you prefer, but we also provide blank templates targeting a specific development tool as an easy starting point.
  3. Once your app is ready to go, you should deploy your application to your own remote servers.
  4. Follow this guide to Publish Your App and reach out to for us to integrate it into your Bam Hub.