Installing the app

The One-to-One app for agents is available on both iOS and Android: 

Login to the app

  • Using a magic link
    Enter your email and click on Send magic link button. Check your email and click on the Sign in with magic link button.
  • Using a password
    Tap on the text at the bottom Use Password enter your email and password and click Sign in.

Select an organization and accept permissions

Once logged in to the app, select your organization, the app will ask for the required permissions to function properly. Make sure that the agents using the app give permissions for:

  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Notifications

Please refer to your phone settings if you have issues with permissions.

When you have accepted permissions you will be met with the home screen of the One-to-One app.

Under settings, users can see the app version, and their organization, and manage their notifications.

They can enable/disable all notifications or for specific queues.