Safety face blur

To help increase the safety and security of your sales staff, the agent has the capability to turn on a filter that blurs the entire screen of the customer, when the call first connects. Once the agent feels assured that the customer is calling for legitimate business purposes and not exhibiting antisocial behavior, they can remove the blur. The customer's view of the agent will always appear clearly, regardless of whether the agent has applied the safety blur or not.

How it works

1. In the Agent tool within the Security tab, agents can select to apply a blurred filter on the customer’s face when they are entering the call. Simply click on Apply safety blur filter on client to toggle this for any future calls you enter.

2. When an agent enters the call with blur toggled on, this button will be fixed on the screen for them to unblur. Clicking on Remove safety blur will make the client visible again.

3. The customer is unblurred, and the conversation continues from here just like any other call.



This feature is only available for the desktop Agent tool as of 01/05/22