Customer information, settings, generate meeting link & end call

Customer Information

Once the call begins, the agent will be able to see some of the caller's information. Some information is shown by default, while there is a possibility to provide extra information through the integration code. 


  1. Queue: specifies the queue the caller was calling from
  2. Browser: specifies what browser the caller is using
  3. Time in queue: how long a caller waited in a queue before entering a call

Here you can read more regarding how to provide extra caller information to an agent.


During a call the agent can change their video and sound settings from the bottom right.

Generate meeting link

Generate a link that can be shared with a customer to join another queue. 

  • Click on Generate meeting link to generate a link by first selecting which queue from the dropdown, then click Generate to receive the link. 
  • This link can then be shared directly in the chat to the customer, or any preferable external platform so the customer can join the meeting on the fly. 

End call

  • Click on the hang-up button to leave the call.
  • You will be prompted to confirm  “Leave call” action or cancel it.  
  • The agent can also block the user to receive future calls, you can read more about this here LINK TO ARTICLE



You can not resume the call once it has ended if the meeting was started via drop-in. With bookings, the link will still be accessible if the agent wishes to resume the call.