Call forwarding

With call forwarding, the agent is allowed to transfer an active call to another device. For example, moving from their desktop to a mobile device into the store to scan a product directly from the store shelves. You are free to transfer a call from and to any device. This article will explain how this feature works.



This feature is available upon request, please contact reach out to your point of contact at Bambuser to get started.

From desktop to mobile

The agent starts a call on a desktop device. The agent decides to forward the call to their mobile device. To do so, the agent clicks the call forward icon in the lower right of the toolbar. The agent now sees a unique code that allows them to connect to this call from any other device.

Getting started

Opens the app on the other device you want to connect to. 
  1. Click on 'Enter meeting code'
  2. Input the 6-digit code received from the desktop
  3. In the lobby, room make sure that the meeting want to connect to is correct
  4. Press 'Enter meeting' to join the call with the customer from the new device.

Once in the forwarded call, the agent will be prompted with a pause screen before being able to return to the customer waiting on the other side.

From mobile to desktop

The agent starts a call on their mobile device. To forward the call, the agent taps on the ‘+’ icon to open the menu. In the menu, the agent taps ‘Join from another device’. The code is now displayed for the agent. The agent then opens the 1:1 tool on their desktop device. Agent clicks ‘Enter meeting code’ to start the connecting process. When the meeting has been found, the agent sees an overview of the information to make sure that the meeting they are about to enter is correct.