The sharp test & how to get verified

Ensure your integration & conversion tracking is in place


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  • Note: Integration is needed here. This is being handled by you and your team

1. Integration verification

A sharp test is an internal check where you test the integration and conversion tracking in order for Bambuser to verify your set-up before going live. A sharp test is a service we provide to you to feel safe with your integration and setup! Thus, wstrongly recommend having the sharp test as soon as possible in order for you to fix any potential issues that can arise after the verification. 

So, what steps do you have to complete? You will handle this internally and the steps are easy, we have organized a step-by-step checklist. To get verified, follow the template in the last part of Bambuser verification.

2. Step-by-step to conduct the test

You have during the onboarding journey explored the Bambuser tool. Now it's time to utilize the learning and execute a "GO LIVE" show. Watch the Bambuser Tutorial at the beginning for guidance, or follow the steps below, send for verification (see the template at the end), and you are soon ready to launch!

2.1 Checklist

Follow the checklist to complete a successful sharp test:

1. Location: It is recommended to conduct the test on your actual go-live location to secure that the internet is strong, light, and other surroundings are in place 
2. Create a show: Set a clear and understandable title (if test: add TEST as prefix), select host (the smartphone/user that will start the show). Set actual go-live time to enable count-down. Add custom curtains IF you are going to use that
3. Add products: Add the same products to the show you will be presenting during the first live show
4. Player + conversion tracker: Make sure the CORRECT player behavior and conversion tracker is implemented
5. Moderators are prepared: Update the profile picture, update the display name
6. Chat terms and privacy policy URL: The correct terms and privacy policy URL are added
7. Network check: Examine the internet connection so it's stable and strong, we recommend an upload speed of a minimum of 10mbp/s
8. Go live: Go live from the Bambuser app, pre-recorded, or RTMP if you are going to use that as a streaming option
9. Chat and highlight products: Make sure to test the products from the moderation view and use the chat functionalities
10. Make a purchase: Purchase a product FROM THE SHOW to verify that your conversion tracking is working accordingly
11. End show: Click end show once you have completed the above steps
12. Send URL for verification: Send the URL where the test show was conducted to your Bambuser account manager, do not delete the page!

3. Bambuser verification 

Bambuser's integration specialist will verify your integration. Send an email to your Bambuser account manager and include these bullets points (it will go faster to verify if stated as below).

3.1 Template to use

Follow the bullet points below:

  1. The subject of the email: Brand name x Sharp test verification
  2. Where do you work?
  3. Have you integrated the conversion tracker prior to the test?
  4. Have you done a test purchase during the sharp test?
  5. Have you added the same products as you will have in your live show? This isn't mandatory but it is good practice.
  6. What kind of player behavior do you have? E.g. Default player, miniplayer, cart integration
  7. Include the URL of the show for the Bambuser integration specialists to be able to verify your integration 

3.2 Get verified!  

Your Bambuser account manager will confirm the email and will reach out as soon as possible once the integration is verified by the Bambuser integration specialist.  Nicely done! Now you have your player behavior & integration in place and you can measure sales performance. The last step is to promote the show, and prepare your host/s and chat triggers. Can't wait to see your launch!

Next step

You are now ready to launch your first show and one of many to come. Fantastic job! The next and last step is how to optimize your live show in terms of content, host, promotion, and much more.

➔ Click here for the last step: go live!

Remember that you can always reach out to our support if you need help with your integration.


Need an extra hand?

If you are integrating & testing but you are not achieving the result you would like to have? No worries, contact our integration specialists at

Include this in your email:

  1. Who you are
  2. Your company
  3. When are you planning to go live?
  4. Describe the issue you are facing               
  5. Include screenshots/screen recordings/documentation of your problem
  6. Include your account manager on CC
  7. You will receive assistance shortly

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