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Before we jump into the sharp test we would like to guide you on how to use the Bambuser app, how to position during the live, and what equipment to use depending on your upcoming show

We are starting off with the app!

1. The Bambuser app

The Bambuser App is your main streaming tool and is accessible for iPhone and Android. Scan the QR code for the chosen device below. 

1.1 How to log in

  1. Download the Bambuser app from the App Store or Google Play. 
  2. Enter your email and request a magic link 
  3. On your phone, open the email, click the 
  4. Magic link and you will be signed into the app. 



You must be set up as a user in the dashboard, either Host or Admin before you can sign into the app. Make sure to use the latest magic link to sign in, as an old magic link will expire once the new one is issued.

1.2 App functionalities 

Once you log in to the app you have several options. If you have a show assigned to you (check your dashboard by going into show settings and see Host). Select the show you’re going to host from Scheduled or Upcoming shows. 

  • Scheduled shows: A show that has a date and time set in the dashboard. If you are doing a scheduled show, verify that title and start time are correct. 
  • Upcoming shows: A shows that does not yet have a set date and time, you can still start the show as usual, however, the player on your site will not include a countdown.

Once selected, there will be three options: 

Run Network Test

Click to verify your network. The Bambuser App will generate a quick network verification of the device, you will receive a message if its safe to go live or not.



Select Products and verify that the added products are correct. You can edit and delete a product if you need to. Note: You can not add any products to the Bambuser App.


Get Ready

Once you have checked the network and made sure the products are correct, hit Get Ready
You'll then see what the camera captures for the live broadcast. 


1.3 Test your network

A high-quality, stable internet connection is important for your livestreams, so make sure to check the quality of your WiFi or 4G/5G network strength before going live on the device that you will be streaming from. A bad network will produce a low-quality video. A network test should only take a few seconds and it will only show you the strength of your connection in that moment. 

This can be executed in two different ways. First, test the network in your Bambuser App, see above. Then, use a third-party site, for instance,

  1. Click go testing 
  2. Click upload speed 
  3. You can read more here of network, quality and stability 



Upload speed is the most important factor. A speed above 10 Mbps represents a strong signal to broadcast. The download speed should also be above 10 Mbps. 

1.4 Go Live!

Hit Get ready to see what the camera captures for the live broadcast. You can check the positioning of the host, products and all other elements on the screen at this stage. In the Bambuser App the host can: 

  • Highlight relevant products
  • Participate in and moderate chat (we recommend handling moderation from the Dashboard)
  • Note: If you stream via the Bambuser App, the stream will not start automatically on the set start time, the host has to click Go Live!

2. In-screen positioning

If you’re streaming from a phone, the screen is mirrored. If you’re looking at the mirrored image, products will be on your left. Position yourself so that you’re not obstructed by other on-screen elements. This is especially important in the mobile view, where the screen can include:

  • Up to three product highlights 
  • Up to five chat messages
  • Logo, product icon, and like button

To successfully engage the audience, the host and product should be the main focus. Stay in the frame as much as possible and stay close to the camera so that the focus is on you. In the mobile view, the screen will include

  1. Up to 3 product highlights 
  2. Approx. 4-5 chat messages
  3. Logo, product icon and like-button 

Find a position that avoids the host being covered by other on-screen elements. Preferably keep more space below on the left side of the screen. To successfully engage the audience, the host and product should be the main focus. Avoid far distances and too much space at the top of the screen.    



If the host is experiencing over-exposure, they can easily touch the screen to re-calibrate

3. Location and Equipment

Succeed with the correct equipment for your show. We distinguish the setup into three main setups:

  1. Selfie
  2. Action (Easy & Pro)
  3. Showroom

We have established an extensive guide including when you should utilize the different setups and also what equipment to use, everything to make it as easy as possible for you and the team to succeed with your live video shopping. 

Next step

Perfect! Now it's time to test what we have explored in the sharp test.

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