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1. What are player settings?

Your Bambuser player content can be readjusted to suit your market or markets from language, currency, to chat terms. If you stream in Germany you most likely would like to have the player language in German and showcase the euro as currency, or if you have multiple markets like Germany, the US, and India, then your player can tailor each market's local language, currency and chat term.

Let's deep dive into each part!

2. Language & currency

The player can adapt to +50 languages and currencies globally. The player language covers a lot of what is happening and the CTA in the player, for instance, open the chat, "LIVE" logo, and much more. Once integrating the player on your eCommerce site, add the locale so the player adapts accordingly, e.g., for Japanese: ja-JP. When a viewer opens the player the added language will showcase on the chosen locale. 

If you are a standard or enterprise client you connect multiple to reach your markets.

Here is a player in English, Japanese, Spanish, and French:

2.1 Enable language & currency

Your account manager will set your default language and currency directly once they are assigned. Please reach out if you ever need to add more.

3. Chat terms & privacy policy URL

Chat terms are text that appears when a viewer would like to enter the chat and the privacy policy URL is the details of your company policy regarding how you handle user and customer information. If you have multiple languages, the chat terms & privacy policy URL needs to be added for the different languages.

Privacy policy URL example

It will be added directly in the text under the chat name, and link to your privacy policy page (e.g.

"I have read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of Brand"

Chat terms example

The chat terms are visible below start chatting and can look like this:

"Hello, here you can chat with Brand about our products. We are here to answer your questions. Please note that other viewers and visitors on our site may also see your name and the information you are adding to the chat. Just put your name in the field above and start chatting!" 

3.1 Enable chat terms & privacy policy URL

Your account manager will provide a standard text that you can confirm and use. This can be customized if you are a standard or enterprise client to suit your tone of voice. As you read in the previous step, the dashboard can only present one language. Thus, when you test in the dashboard environment you will only see the default language.

4. Profanity blacklist

Bambuser will automatically block any words that are on our Profanity Blacklist. Bambuser is using a shadowban. During a live show, whenever a viewer types any of the words on the profanity list, they will appear to the one who wrote it but not to any other viewers.

The profanity list includes an extensive wording list and is available in the following languages:

  • English (default)
  • German
  • Korean
  • French
  • Spanish

4.1 Enable the profanity list

Contact your Bambuser account manager for activation.

Next step

Let's explore the option and different customizable settings you have to design your own Bambuser player.

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Remember that you can always reach out to our support if you need help with your integration.


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