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Your player; your design

If you are a standard or enterprise client, you can have a fully branded video player for a native, seamless feel; a shopping experience aligned with your brand. 

  • Branded HEX-codes
  • Logos
  • Branded images
  • & more

Follow this article to get a good grip of what customizable elements are available for your tier and how you implement them.



It is not mandatory to brand your player, nonetheless, if no choice is made, Bambuser will add the default theme

1. Standard tier: The Brand Book

As a standard tier client, you can customize and create your branded player in a lot of different ways and elements. 

  • Branded HEX-codes
  • Logos
  • Branded screen images
  • Button shape
  • Icon shape  

We have made a comprehensive brand book that includes everything you need to create your branded player. You can explore what you can customize, how it will look like, and how you submit your request.

1.2 Bambuser Design Order Form

Once you have decided how you want the player to appear from the brand book, you submit your chosen alternatives. In order for Bambuser to implement your design request, you need to add some information of your choice in the email.  Once your brand request has been submitted to Bambuser, it will be handled within 5-6 business days.

Watch this video tutorial on how you complete and submit your form:

This is how you submit your request. First, download the Bambuser Design Order Form (click on the chosen file, and it will download automatically)


Bambuser - Design Order Form.numbers

  1. Complete the form and save it
  2. Open your email  
  3. Include the required attachments in the email:
    1. LOGO - (SVG; 1 BLACK, 1 WHITE)
  4. Send the email to
  5. Your design will be visible within 5-6 business days 

This is your org ID, it can be found in your URL once logged in to the dashboard. 

2. Enterprise tier

Bambuser's design team will create a player design mockup for you in all player stages including your: 

  • Branded HEX-codes
  • Logos
  • Branded screen images
  • Button shape
  • Custom icons
  • Branded font
  • Text color
  • Heart color
  • & more

Once confirmed by you and the team, Bambuser integration specialists will integrate the theme into your dashboard. The integrations take 5-6 business days to complete the integration, bare this in mind when scheduling your first live show.

3. How do I test it visually?

Once you have confirmed the design and the design has been integrated into your dashboard, you can easily test and explore what it will look like. You can test it directly in your dashboard, or on-site. A recommendation is to test the theme in all stages; pre-screen, live, and end-screen. 

3.1 In the dashboard

Once your design is implemented, explore it in your dashboard. This is how you do it:

  1. Create a test show
  2. Add products
  3. Go live from the Bambuser app
  4. Click “OPEN PREVIEW”



As this is in your dashboard environment, you will not have the add-to-cart functionality nor 
see prices

3.2 On your site

If you would like to conduct a complete review, we suggest that you test it on your website. This is how you do it: 

  1. Create a test show
  2. Add products
  3. Embed it to a hidden page
  4. Go live from the Bambuser app
  5. Start exploring!


Top tip!

Have you made changes in your design? 
No worries, the player will automatically update. Thus, you do not need to embed a new player all the time. Just click replay, or re-activate the show. 

4. Can I change my design?

Yes, depending on your tier. As a Standard tier client, you can update the design once. If you are an Enterprise tier client, you can update it unlimited times. Reach out to your Bambuser Account Manager 

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to choose different colors?

No. For example, you can use the same color for both Primary color and Secondary color if you’d like.


Do the colors meet accessibility standards when it comes to contrast?

The example color palette in this document has enough contrast to meet WCAG 2.1. When changing them to your colors, make sure that all the colors (except Light grey) have at least a 4.5:1 contrast against white. Here’s a website you can use to check contrast. Also, make sure the Secondary color has at least a 4.5:1 contrast against Light Grey.


Can I change all the colors in the player?

No. In some instances, the player uses white and black as background colors, so that the user interface has enough contrast. These colors can’t be configured.


Can I change the neutral colors?

Yes, if you are Enterprise. 


Can I override a color in a specific view? 

Can I override a color in a specific view?


Can I override a border-radius for a specific element?

 Yes, if you are Enterprise. 


Can I choose my own font and typography? 

Yes, if you are Enterprise. For Standard the font (for latin alphabets) is Inter.


Can I change my own icons? 

 Yes, if you are Enterprise


Next step

At this point of the onboarding, you have examined your dashboard, how to create a show & moderate, and which capabilities the player has in terms of language, settings, and branding.

The penultimate before you are ready to launch your first show is to conduct the sharp test. Before we enter the sharp test, we are guiding you to secure a good network, how the Bambuser app works & more food for thought.

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