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1. How to create a show

Once logged in with an Admin or Host with privileges account, you can access the show page to create shows. Bambuser offers two types of shows:

  • Test show
  • Show

What is the difference? Test shows are a great way to test your production, broadcast, and network settings before going live, however, statistics for test shows are not tracked on your stats page. Watch this Bambuser tutorial which covers all the steps and questions on how to create a show.

2. Player preview - Test to go live!

The player preview CTA "OPEN PREVIEW" is a terrific tool for you to test how to stream, go live, and moderate because it isn't shared externally, giving you the freedom to test out whatever you want it to say. 

However, the player preview does not include add-to-cart elements, and price, and can only showcase one language. See the GIF below. 

3. How to moderate (chatting & showing products)

As an Administrator and Moderator, you can moderate many different elements of the broadcast while live. This is all managed through the Moderate tab in the Bambuser dashboard. On the show page, click on the Moderate in the right top corner. From there, you have a few different moderation options.

3.1 Chat

For your live show viewers, the chat is their way to interact with you in real-time. The chat feature enables your audience to ask questions, add comments and engage with your brand in a personal way.

3.2 Products

Highlighting or moderate products is our term for making products appear on-screen in the Bambuser player during a live show. 

3.3 Checklist!


Checklist to download here!

Download our checklist for each step of how to create a show, perfect for your first show and onwards! 

Click here to download

4. General settings glossary

Here is a short guide of what each component in the general settings means, what it does and how you use it:


When naming your live shows we recommend choosing a title that covers the theme of the show. It will not be shared externally unless you are including it in your library with Channels.


This will be seen on your site and within Channels, so make sure to make it enticing to your viewers.


The users assigned as Host have the permission to start the live show from their Bambuser App.



If you go live with a pre-recorded show, it will start automatically on the set start time. without the need for a host to start it. 

If you go live with external cameras, the stream will start and end from the third party platform. i.e. OBS or vMIX 


The timezone will auto-populate based on where the user is located. Countdowns will appear in a viewers’ local time.


By selecting a start date for your show, you will populate the welcome screen shown to your viewers with a countdown. If you go live with a pre-recorded show, it will start automatically on the set start time without the need for a host. 

 Player settings

You can customize your player's appearance for the specific show by adding a new player picture, changing the color of the button, adding an extra CTA & much more. 


To make the show appear on your site, you need to embed the script. This is the box at the bottom of each show you create which includes a specific show ID.


On the right-hand side of the Setup screen is a heading called Products. This is where you will add, remove and modify the products that will be shown during your live show.  

To add a product:

  1. Go to your website and copy the URL of the product page
  2. Paste the URL into the Add product url(s) field
  3. Click the plus (+) icon or press the enter/return key on your keyboard
  4. Done!
  5. Read more here
  6. (Use our product scraper assistant to easily see if the scraper works accordingly - click here to open it in a new tab

 Video source

Bambuser offers three different streaming options;

  1. The Bambuser App
  2. Pre-recorded 
  3. External cameras/RTMP

Each offer unique features depending on your show and what kind of content you create.
If you go live with a prerecorded show, it will start automatically on the set start time without the need for a host.  
If you go live with external cameras, the stream will start and end from the third party platform. I.e. OBS or vMIX. 

For more information on each streaming option:

  1. Watch a Bambuser Tutorial of The Bambuser App
  2. Watch a Bambuser Tutorial of Pre-recorded, and read more of the requirements here
  3. Watch a Bambuser Tutorial of External cameras/RTMP, and read more of the requirements here


Do you want to increase the visibility of your live shows and add them to your site with one click? Just use our Floating Action Button and Channels feature.

The Floating Action Button


 Stream to other platforms

Bambuser’s Social Media Multistream feature allows clients to go live to multiple platforms at once. It enables you to simultaneously stream your live shows across Facebook and YouTube, as well as via custom RTMP to any platform that provides a stream URL and stream key. But, only the 'raw' footage will be forwarded without the chat/like function and product highlights. It's the best way to skyrocket awareness and drive more traffic!

Next step

Start testing in your dashboard, create shows, moderate, and play around to get a feeling and knowledge on how to utilize the tool.

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Remember that you can always reach out to our support if you need help with your integration.


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