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1. What is the conversion tracker?

Bambuser Conversion Tracking for Live Video Shopping gives you the most value out of your Live Video Shopping performance statistics. The Bambuser Conversion tracker enables you to attribute the relevant conversions to your shows. The number of attributed sales will be available on the stats page of each show.

1.2 Why is it beneficial?

The conversion tracking enables you to measure the success of your live show activity and continue improving your efforts to encourage increased engagement and sales.

2. Integrating the conversation tracker 

To be able to track sales & purchases you need to integrate the Bambuser cookie. It is a highly efficient way to analyze your live video shopping performance. It tracks every player's behavior, as the cookie gets set on the viewer’s browser. You can implement it in two ways:

  1. Google Tag Manager
  2. JavaScript

2.1 Google Tag Manager

We have a template tag that you can use to ease the integration of the conversion tracker - Click here for a how-to guide

2.2 In code

The implementation is as simple as adding the below JavaScript code to your 'order confirmation' page. Additionally, you only need to populate the order information to the code. Read more here!

3. Technical documentation

This article is a snapshot of the players we offer and how to integrate them, please head over to our technical documentation for a complete guide.

Next step

As mentioned previously, you and the team are responsible for integrating the player and tracker. Start the integration as soon as possible to be able to secure & complete it prior to going live. You can of course explore the tool simultaneously to optimize your time!

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