Get deep insights with Google Analytics

See which products your customers are clicking and adding to cart

The cart within the Bambuser player has been specifically designed to encourage engagement and sales, with three data points that can be used to get a much deeper insight into how well your shows are performing. 

You can create a detailed report of each show by feeding your product click, add-to-cart and checkout information into Google Analytics (GA) via Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Bambuser follows Google Analytics 4 ecommerce tracking standards, which means you will automatically get some views populated when you have installed the GTM recipe.

We have a ready-made Google Tag Manager recipe just for you

If you aren’t sure how to set up Google Analytics or GTM, this recipe will get started quickly and easily: 

  1. Download the GTM recipe here
  2. Import the recipe in your Google Tag Manager by going to Admin > Import Containe
  3. Select what tags, variables and triggers to import (usually all of them but you might already have a variable for your Google Analytics Measure ID or you might not want to use the Google Analytics tag at all)
  4. Go to variables and find Bambuser Measure ID

  5. Change the value of the Bambuser Measure ID to your own Google Analytics Measurement ID in order to report the tracking events to your GA property

  6. Bambuser tracking library tag is only needed for the page where the player is embedded. Change the trigger of the Bambuser tracking library to your player landing page

  7. Now move to GA. Go to Configure > Custom Dimension > Create Custom Dimensions. From here, create a custom dimension for Bambuser show ID

  8. Congratulations, it’s ready! Make a test purchase to check if it’s set properly by clicking Preview in GTM and open Real time report in your GTM, then hit Submit.  Then go live with One-to-Many and make a test purchase within the player that should appear in the real time report.

Lastly, don’t forget to submit the new tags!

How to check your ecom purchase report

In GA, go to Monetization > Ecommerce purchases. The Ecommerce purchase report will take anything from to a few days to appear after the event.

You can add a custom dimension by clicking the red “+” and then select Bam Show ID to see the viewed/added-to-cart/sold items by Bambuser show ID.

The result should be like below.

Abandoned cart

With the settings above, abandoned carts will be included within the Ecommerce purchase report in GA since the Bambuser player cannot know if the viewer completed the checkout. 

If you want to avoid the abandoned cart included in the report, you can change the event name from purchase to begin_checkout in the e-comm purchase2 tag.

In this case, the tracking result won’t appear on the Ecommerce purchase tab in GA. You can still view some information from Engagement > Events > Begin Checkout, however the report is not as detailed as the full Ecommerce purchase report.