Player view settings

How the player looks at different sizes

When your live stream starts, viewers will watch the show through the Bambuser player. You can add a live show (and the Bambuser player) to nearly any web page by copying and pasting the show's unique embed code onto the web page. 

The Bambuser player works on all the most common web and mobile browsers and is regularly tested on modern versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


The player does not work on Internet Explorer nor iOS Safari 10 and below.

Player view settings

The player has three views: 

  • Desktop: Widescreen experience with chat on the left and products on the right. 
  • Mobile: Tall portrait view with chat and products overlaid
  • Floating or mini player: Minimal player that allows viewers to keep watching the live stream as they browse your website. 

When a user visits your web page with the embedded show, they will see a button saying Join LIVE show!. Pressing the button will open the player and start the show. 

By default, the show will open in either desktop or mobile view depending on the viewer's device.


If you want to change the layout of the player, please see our technical documentation.

Desktop view

In desktop view, the viewer will see a chat pane on the left, the live show in the middle, and a product pane on the right. 


The viewer can minimize the chat and product panes by clicking on the > or < symbols at the top of the window.

Mobile view

The mobile is very similar to the desktop view, except that the chat and product panes are overlaid. 



You can learn more about the Bambuser player in our player setup guide for developers. 

Floating or mini player

The mini player is a minimized version of the player which enables viewers to browse your website, and add products to their shopping cart, while watching your live show with no interruption. 

Viewers can maximize the player and continue watching in the main player at any time. They can also exit the live show by clicking on the X symbol.

When the player is minimized, viewers will not see chat, products, or likes.