Broadcast Pre-recorded video

Make pre-recorded video shoppable and livestream it using Bambuser platform.


Who can use this feature

Users on a Lite, Standard or Enterprise plan. Review or upgrade your plan here

Users with Admin access. 

Brief overview

Bambuser not only offers the possibility to stream straight from your mobile device, but also provides the opportunity to broadcast pre-recorded videos. This without the need to actually doing the video live part and instead focus solely on the moderation of the show. 

You can use the pre-recorded feature in multiple ways, from making professionally shot videos shoppable to inviting customers to join exclusive events. Pre-recorded video gives you the flexibility to diversify your content while maintaining a live audience. 


The specs need for a pre-recorded video to upload and stream properly in our Bambuser player are listed below. When you shoot the video make sure to follow the output requirements listed below. 


  • In a 9:16 format
  • A maximum of 30fps
  • A resolution of 720x1280
  • Maximum bitrate of 3,000 kbps
  • Video upload bust be in MP4-format


  • In a 16:9 format
  • A maximum of 30fps
  • A resolution of 1280x720
  • Maximum bitrate of 3,000 kbps
  • Video upload must be in MP4-format

Important notes before you start the uploading process: 

  • The larger the file you’re trying to upload is, the longer the upload will take. The upload process will require you to be connected to the internet during the whole upload process. If you are disconnected to the internet during the upload process, the upload will stop and you will need to refresh and start over again.
  • Once a pre-recorded video has started, you (or Bambuser) cannot pause or end the
  • broadcast. The broadcast will end once the whole video has been played once.
  • The livestream will automatically start once a video file has been uploaded and based on the show date and time assigned to the show.
  • You must, at all times, run a test show with the exact same video file before scheduling a production show. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are uploading the correct video file format and that this is running smoothly on a test show before going live.


Bambuser Dashboard ->Create Show->Video Source->Pre-recorded

  1. Create a show
  2. On the Setup page navigate to ‘Video Source’ and choose Pre-recorded from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click 'Upload video'.
  4. Choose the video file you want to upload, by either drag and drop or click 'browse'.
  5. Proceed to upload the video by pressing the arrow pointing up. Once you press the arrow, the uploading will start and you will see a percentage of the upload. Wait for the upload to finish before leaving this page. 
  6. Once uploaded, press 'save'.
  7. You will now see the video uploaded beneath the 'video source' section of the show setup. You will be able to: 
  8. Preview the video.
  9. Change file, by uploading a new one. 
  10. Assign go Live time, in order for the pre-recorded video to start broadcasting. Please note that this action will make the video automatically go live. The video will not start if you don't select a data and time. 

  11. Complete all necessary steps for the show setup as you normally would do. 

  12. Once it's time for the show to go live - ensure that you are in the moderate tab of the show and ready to moderate the show with highlighting products and moderate the chat.

In Show Setup go to Video Source and select Pre-recorded

 Drag and drop or click 'browse' to select a video to upload. 

Press 'Save'. 

Select date and time in order to broadcast the video.