Live moderation explanation

How to moderate chat, products, and more while the broadcast is live

As an Administrator and Moderator, you can moderate many different elements of the broadcast while live. This is all managed through the Moderate tab in the Bambuser dashboard.

On the show page, click on the Moderate tab at the top of the screen. From there, you have a few different moderation options: 

  • The show: This allows you to view the show player in real-time.
  • Products: Here you can highlight products while the show is live. Learn more about highlighting products‍ here.
  • Chat: Audit, confirm, unpublish, and remove chat messages. As an admin, you can also block a viewer from posting messages. Learn more about chat moderation ‍here.  
  • Download the chat: When the broadcast is over, you can download a .csv file containing all the chat messages from the show.



The real-time metrics above the player are not visible if you are a user with Moderator access.