Moderate Products

Learn how to highlight products during a live show

Highlighting or moderate products is our term for making products appear on-screen in the Bambuser player during a live show. 

When you highlight a product on-screen, the viewer will see the following: 

  • Product thumbnail image
  • Product price (if specified: see note below) 

You can highlight up to three products at a time in the Bambuser player. The products need to be added to the show in the dashboard ‍before you can highlight them.  

To highlight products: 

  1. From the dashboard, select the show you want to moderate. 
  2. Select the Moderate tab at the top of the screen, next to Setup 

  3. Click on the product you want to highlight to select it. 

  4. Click on the product again to stop highlighting it.  

You can highlight products using the dashboard or, if you're hosting a show, through the Bambuser mobile app. Learn how to highlight products in the mobile app‍ here.


For more information on modifying and customizing product information, please see Player API Reference.‍