Roles and Access Levels

You can have different roles for the members in your organization. One of them:


  • Broadcasting Shows A host can log in to the Live Shopping Broadcast App to broadcast a show that is assigned to them by an admin. See how an admin can assign a host to a show.
  • Modifying Profile Details A host can modify profile information such as Name, Password, and Instagram Account. This can be done through the Bambuser Live Shopping Dashboard or Broadcasting App.



  • Everything that a Host can do
  • Add/Manage Shows
  • Managing Users (Hosts/Admins)
  • Overview of Show Statistics


The Dashboard is the tool used to visualize performance data in a way that is dynamic, interactive, as well as manage your information, live shows, settings, etc.

Login to dashboard

  • Using the magic link

    Enter your email and click on the SEND MAGIC LINK button. You will receive a link via email that says Sign in with magic link which directs you to the dashboard.

  • Using a password

    Once you have received the invitation for the Live Shopping dashboard, at the very first login, you are asked to set a password. You can also change your password at any time through Dashboard > Profile > Change Password which sends you a reset password link via email.

  • Forgot your Password? Login using a magic link and then on the Profile page, you can click on Change Password .

Manage your profile

  • Go to Profile
    • You can see your email associated with your profile
    • See or modify your display name (for chat messages)
    • An Instagram handle (username) for the profile image on chat. E.g. bambuserofficial We will automatically fetch your profile image from Instagram. Use your company’s Instagram handle if you would like to use the company logo as your profile image in the chat.

Manage your team

Go to Users from the left menu on the dashboard.

Invite user/team member

  • Click on +ADD USER button on the top right
  • Set a name for your new team member
  • Insert your team member's email
  • Select a role (Learn more about Roles and Access Levels‍) 
  • Hit INVITE

Modify a user/team member

  • Go to Users in the left side navigation menu
  • Click Edit on the user you wish to edit user privileges for
  • Click Close

Remove a team member

As an admin you can remove hosts and admins.

Manage Shows

Create a show

  • Go to Shows from the left side navigation menu
  • Click on + Create Show button at the top right

Create a test show

  • Go to Shows from the left side navigation menu
  • Click on + Create Test Show button at the top right

A test show will behave the same as a regular show except no statistics will be tracked.

Setup a show

    Set a title for the show. This name can be changed at any time.
  • HOST
    Choose a host for the show. Select one person from the drop-down menu. The person selected will get a push notification saying that they have been added to show if they are logged into the broadcast app. Make sure the person you wish to host the show has been invited to your organization/team before inviting them to host. See “Manage your team” if you haven’t completed this step. You can change the host of the show at any time.
    Select the preferred timezone for your show.
    [Optional] Pick a start date and time. By selecting a start date for your show you will populate the welcome screen shown to your viewers with a countdown. The host can override the countdown at any time. The live show starts when the host goes live. After the countdown has ended, the welcome screen will say “Starting soon” (or customized text) until the host goes live.

If you go back to Shows page, now the show appears under the Scheduled Shows section.

Chat Settings

  • Hide chat when live
    Disables the chat feature on the show.
  • Hide chat in replay
    Removes the chat panel when a viewer watches a recorded show.
  • Manually approve comments
    A moderator (Admins and the show's Host) should approve comments from viewers manually before being published publicly on the chat panel.

Player options

  • Hide viewer count
    If this box is unchecked, a viewer count of how many users are watching the live stream will be displayed to your viewers. To hide
  • Hide prices on product highlights
    If this box is unchecked, the price will be displayed on the product image when you highlight a product in the video. If the box is unchecked, only the product image will be displayed when a product is highlighted.
  • Allow replays
    Viewers can watch the recorded show when the Live show is ended.

Manage Products

In the Products section on the show setting page. Make sure you are on the Setup tab.

  • Add product(s)
    Insert URL(s) to the product page of the product(s) you wish to import to your show and hit enter or click on the + button. The product along with some product data will now be imported to the show.
  • Modify product info
    Hit the edit pen ✏️ button on each product to edit its information.
  • Delete product
    Click on the cross x button to delete a product.

For more information on how products are being scraped, follow this link.‍ 

Moderate/Control a show

At the top-right of the page you have below options:

  • Duplicate show When a user chooses to duplicate a show, a new show with identical settings is created but with a different Show ID and without broadcasts. At the time of duplication, the user is prompted (see image below) to enter a name for the new show and is also presented with the option to make it a test show (or a regular show).

    After the duplicated show is created the user can perform any additional changes as if it was created as a new show.

  • Archive show When a show is archived, it means the show is ended. It will no longer accept any new live broadcasting until it has been Reactivated by the Admin in the dashboard.

  • Reactivate show Once a show has been ended (archived) the host will not be able to resume the broadcast unless the show is reactivated. By reactivating an ended show, the show will again appear in the host’s app and the host will be able to stream to the same show again.

  • Unpublish show By unpublishing a show you will prevent it from being streamed. This means no viewers will be able to see it. If you unpublish an ongoing live show, the show will disappear for the viewers and it won’t be available as an archived version (on-demand) unless you publish it again.

  • 🗑 Delete This permanently deletes the show including the videos, comments, and stats. This is a one-way action and can not be undone.

Live Moderation

On the show page, click on Moderate tab from the top of the screen.

  • Show Preview Allows you to view the show player in real-time.
  • Products While the show is Live, by clicking on each product, it will be highlighted at the top right side of the player for all viewers. (You can also highlight products through the broadcaster app)
  • Chat Control Audit, confirm, unpublish, and remove chat messages. As an admin, you can also block a viewer from posting messages.
  • Videos Archive Manage all the videos that are tied to the show. You can watch, download, delete, or view their details.
  • Export the Chat You can download a CSV file containing all the chat messages from the chosen show.


  • Go to Stats from the left menu on the dashboard
  • Select a show from the drop-down list
  • Choose if you want to the stats from the Live or Recorded views, or the both in Total

Here you can get some information such as:

  • Time and duration
  • Number of viewers
  • Likes
  • Add to carts
  • Mobile/Desktop engagement
  • Purchases (needs implementation! Learn more) ‍ 

You can also export the report in a CSV file.