Dual Hosting

Invite a guest to co-host a show, each from a different location.


Who can use this feature

Users on a Lite, Standard or Enterprise plan. Review or upgrade your plan here

Can't find this feature in your Dashboard? If you like to enable Dual Hosting in your organization, please reach out to your point of contact at Bambuser. 

Brief overview

As part of the Bambuser LiveShopping app, the dual hosting feature enables brands and retailers to easily produce shows featuring different hosts, guests and other influencers, each from a different location. 

The shows are created the same way in the Bambuser Dashboard, with an additional option to assign a guest host to co-host the show with you. Both hosts goes live with the Bambuser LiveShopping app on their mobile devices allowing them to stream from their respective locations.

Our Recommendation

To successfully stream in a split-screen mode we recommend streaming on a high-quality and stable network connection during the entire show. You must check the quality of the WiFi, 4G or 5G network strength from both locations you are planning to broadcast from before going live. You can easily check the MPBS speed using Fast.com


  • iPhone 8 or more recent device
  • iOS 13 or a higher version
  • Minimum 20 Mpbs network upload speed

Hosts should use a dedicated jitter-free low latency uplink with at least 20 Mbps upload and download capacity. The stream may degrade or fail if network conditions (or other factors) are poor and/or sub-optimal. 

Hosts should avoid using a network that is occupied by other persons doing high-bandwidth activities (i.e. streaming from Youtube/Netflix/etc.). 

Bambuser recommends that users test the feature prior to scheduling Live, as this will early determine if the host(s) fulfill the prerequisites to successfully host a dual show. 

Lastly, precise makes perfect, keep testing! 


Bambuser Dashboard ->Create Show->Host

Note: Before creating the show, decide who is going to act as the Main Host and who is going to join as a Guest Host.

  1. Create a show
  2. Set all the settings and add products you want to include to the show.
  3. Select Host and choose the Main Host (Host 1) from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Choose the second host by clicking "+Guest Host" and add Guest Host (Host 2) from the dropdown menu. 
  5. Ensure that both hosts receive a notification from the app saying that they've been added to host a show. 

*If you can't find the users who will be hosts in the dropdown menu, you need to add them in "Settings" and "Users" first in order to be able to assign them as hosts. 

Go Live!

Join Show as Main Host 

  1. Main Host: Will find the scheduled show in the broadcasting app. 
  2. Press on the show. Press "Get Ready" to start the camera and verify the in-screen positioning. 
  3. Press "Go Live" to start the show. A 3 seconds countdown will start before going live. 
  4. You're now live with one host! 

Note: The main host will start the show solely and the second guest host will tune in when planned. 

Join Show as Guest Host 

  1. Guest Host: Go to the Bambuser LiveShopping app. The scheduled show will appear as "Live" once the main host has started the show. 
  2. A preview of the current live show is shown and press "Get Ready". 
  3. Press on the show and a live preview will be displayed. When ready press "Join Live!". 
  4. Dual hosting is now live with two hosts from different locations in a split-screen view. 

Note: The Main host's stream will always appear on the top while the Guest Host's stream appears in the bottom.