Dual Hosting

Invite a guest to co-host a show, each from different locations


Who can use this feature?

Users on a Lite, Standard or Enterprise plan. 

Can't find this feature in your Dashboard? If you like to enable Dual Hosting in your Dashboard, please reach out to your point of contact at Bambuser. 

NOTE: This is a beta feature!

What is Dual Hosting?

As part of the Bambuser LiveShopping app, the dual hosting feature enables brands and retailers to easily produce shows featuring different hosts, guests and other influencers, each from a different location. 

The shows are created the same way in the Bambuser Dashboard, with an additional option to assign a guest host to co-host the show with you. Both hosts goes live with the Bambuser LiveShopping app on their mobile devices allowing them to stream from their respective locations.

Dual Hosting connection requirements 

To ensure your dual-hosted livestream performs successfully, both hosts need to have a reliable, jitter-free and low latency internet connection. Poor connections may result in bad picture quality, lagging or for the stream to fail entirely.

Whether your hosts are streaming using WiFi or mobile data, it’s best that both their upload and download speed is at least 20 Mbps and that their connection isn't being slowed by other people using lots of bandwidth. We recommend using Fast.com to test your speeds.

Dual Hosting software requirements

Our products are constantly developing and evolving, which means we can only run smoothly on up-to-date software. So, if you’re using an Apple product to go live, you’ll need to be using an iPhone 8 or newer or running iOS 13 or newer. We currently don't support dual hosting in Bambuser android App. 

Practice makes perfect!

Before going live with dual hosting, we recommend that both hosts get some practice on a trial run using the connection they plan to use. By doing this, not only can they determine if their connections are good enough to support a livestream with optimum performance, but they can also get a feel for hosting. 

Setting up a Dual Host live show

First things first, on the Bambuser site, head to: Bambuser Dashboard > Create Show > Host . Before you set up the show, you’ll need to determine who Host 1 and Host 2 (guest host) are.

Here’s how you do that:

  1. Create a show 
  2. Set att the setting and add products you want to include to the show. 
  3. Select Host and choose the Maing host (Host 1) from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Add the second host by clicking '+Guest Host' and select (Host 2) from the dropdown menu. 

*If you can't find the users who will be hosts in the dropdown menu, you need to add them in "Settings" and "Users" first in order to be able to assign them as hosts. 

Note: Make sure both hosts are notified in the Bambuser LiveShopping app that they've been added to host a show. 

In show setup, select host 1 and host 2. 

Going live with Host 1

It’s important to remember that Host 1 will need to go live before Host 2 can join. 

Here’s how they do that:

  1. Host 1 will need find and enter the scheduled show in the Bambuser LiveShopping app
  2. Once Host 1 has entered the show, they need to then hit Get Ready to open the camera and verify the in-screen positioning 
  3. Next, they’ll need to hit Go Live, which will give them a three-second countdown before going live. 
  4. Host 1 is now live!

Getting Host 2 involved 

Here’s how the guest host joins:

  1. Once Host 1 has launched the show, Host 2 will need to open the Bambuser LiveShopping app and then open the show that appears as "Live" 
  2. Once they're in, Host 2 will then see a preview of the show in real-time 
  3. As soon as they’re ready to join, Host 2 must hit 'Go Live' 
  4. Host 2 is now live, sharing the screen with Host 1 

Note: Host 1 will always appear on the top of the screen, while Host 2 will always appear on the bottom.