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Technical information about the Bambuser player

Live shopping made easy

Welcome to the Bambuser technical documentation! Here you will find a lot of good information about the Bambuser player and links to useful information. Please make yourself familiar with the details in this documentation. Bambuser enables businesses to incorporate live video shopping in their eCommerce platform via our Live Video Player. The following pages are meant to guide businesses when integrating our solution.

On the next image, you can see the basic flow of setting up and running a live show.

(A more detailed explanation of the steps follows.)

Basic steps

  • Using the Dashboard‍ you set up the live show details.
  • Once the show is all set up, you can use the Broadcaster App‍ to start the live stream.
  • Before the start of the live show, you need to integrate the player‍ on the eCommerce platform.
    (Represented with Business Backend on the image)
  • The customers can then watch the show and buy products on any platform that supports a modern web browser.

All of this is possible due to the Bambuser Service that takes care of the rest behind the scenes.

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