All Frequently Asked Questions

Moderating show / Dashboard

How do we avoid spam/trolls in the chat, and what do we do if it happens?

Bambuser will automatically block any words that are on our Profanity Blacklist.

What is more important, the moderator of the show also has the ability to block any user and delete any comment, if needed.
For extreme caution, you can decide to manually approve all comments when setting up a show in the dashboard.

Can the same moderator highlight products and moderate chat?

Yes, but we strongly recommend that there is one moderator for each function.

Can we have multiple people moderating a live show from the dashboard at the same time?

Yes, you can basically have as many admins moderating the show as you need.

However, it can be difficult to coordinate if multiple people are trying to do the exact same thing simultaneously.

How big should my logo/profile image be inside the dashboard?

For a new logo to be uploaded we recommend 200x200px (our image transformer request 90x90, but we recommend a higher resolution). The logo should be centered, with the same height and weight and it is a 1MB limit.

What does "hide chat in replay means"?

Once the live shop has ended you can decide to hide or show the chat comments.

Why doesn't the scraper work properly on our product pages?

In order to scrape product information, we look for data schema as well as og: meta tags. We recommend that you follow one of the mentioned approaches on your product pages. For your convenience, you can find all of them and more about product scraping here.

Integration / Embeding

Can I embed the live video on other websites than my own?

You can embed the video on any website, but if your integration is dependent on the integrations to your website's native cart, the add-to-cart functionality won't work.

Localizations relying on settings on your website won't work either. Therefore, if you want to enable that functionality, you will have to adjust your integration codes.

Can we have multiple shows with countdowns on our site concurrently?

You can have as many shows on your website as you'd like. Each show will have its own ID (found in the dashboard) and you can link it to its own CTA. How to do that, can be found here.

Can we use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to embed the player?

You can inject the JavaScript part of the embed code via GTM, but that only enables the ability to open the player, it does not add any trigger button that would actually allow the user to open the player (this can be a button or a clickable image or whatever).

If the desired trigger element exists on the page - if a button was added via the site's CMS, for example - then the embed code can be slightly adjusted to attach to that element and work even when injected via GTM. You can remove the `node` part of the embed code which causes the player to open up automatically when the user arrives at the page (i.e. not clickable element necessary).

I can't add to cart / A problem with the product cart during a test.

  1. If you are doing a test on your test-embed site, you should use the test products (from your test site) and not the products from your official e-commerce site. Meaning, you should update the products inside your Bambuser Dashboard for the given show. Otherwise, the issue will occur.
  2.  If you are doing a test on your production site, and you are using products with a "hidden" URL inside your Bambuser Dashboard the issue will occur.

What browsers does the Bambuser Live Shopping player work on?

The player works on all modern browsers except, Internet Explorer,l iOS Safari10, and older.


Can а host see the chat messages?

Yes, the broadcasting app displays comments for the host. Note that the interface is going slightly different for the host.

How will a viewer be notified if we block them in the chat?

The viewer will not be notified once the moderator blocks them.

A viewer being blocked will not notice and they can continue to post in the chat. However, their posts will only visible to themselves and not to anyone else.

Is there a limit on how many chat messages can be displayed in the player?

To prevent the chat from becoming flooded, when there are thousands of viewers chatting at the same time, we limit the number of messages displayed in the video player to 2 posts per second.

Is there a way to download the video from a show with the chat on the screen?

No, there is only direct of downloading a raw file of the video. That can be done inside the moderate view in Bambuser Dashboard.

What words are blacklisted in the player/chat by Bambuser?

You can find the profanity blacklist here.

Why is there a delay in chat messages from the host?

Chat messages from both the host and moderator are always synced with the actual point of time in the video. This means that if a viewer is on a 10s delay compared to the host streaming the show, the viewer will see chat messages from the host with the exact same delay as the video.

Will the chat still work if the video/network goes down for the host?

Yes. If the host loses connectivity during a live show, viewers will still be able to chat.

Is it possible to send a link in the chat?

Yes, and if you add 'https://' in front of the URL it will be clickable as well.


Will the mobile screen auto-lock during a live show?

No, it won’t. However, there is nothing that stops the user from locking the screen manually. The effect of that depends on a host's mobile operating system.

On Android, this will stop the show.

On iOS, the show is frozen and resumes if the mobile is unlocked within a few seconds.

What happens if the host by mistake ends the show instead of pausing it?

In that case, the show should be reactivated by the admin in the dashboard.

There is no need to create a new show if you want to be up and running again ASAP.

Creating a new show will also create a new show ID that is not linked to your current CTA by default.

Why the video doesn't start automatically?

For iOS users: Please make sure you don't have "Low Power Mode" turned on on your device, as it disables the autoplay function.

Live-Stream / Video

In what formats can a video be downloaded?

Downloading a broadcast video is done inside the Moderator tab in Bambuser Dashboard. Currently, we support FLV and Mp4 formats.

What is the maximum/recommended/minimum quality support by the live stream?

At the moment 720p is the maximum. The quality will be changing adaptively based on network quality.

Why do my viewers see a delay in the video?

Some delay (normally referred to as "latency") is inevitable when live streaming to a website. The delay usually 8-10s which gives the moderator the chance to unpublish the show if something goes wrong. Note that the delay can vary from viewer to viewer.

In the moderator view inside the dashboard, we use a player with much lower latency (1-3s).

Why is the video blurry and/or stutters?

The quality of the video (its resolution and framerate) is dependent on the broadcaster's network. Bambuser's broadcasting technology adjusts the video's resolution and framerate up or down based on the capacity of the broadcaster's network at any given moment. By lowering the video's quality when the network's capacity goes down we reduce the risk of interruptions in the stream.

When/if the network can't cope, the video may stutter for a while before the app manages to switch to a lower quality setting. The perceived quality is also affected by the viewer's network. If the viewer's network doesn't have enough capacity to view the broadcast in full quality, the player will switch to a lower resolution, thus reducing the quality of the video (for that particular viewer) but keeping the video flowing uninterrupted.


How do we verify if the network is good for the host?

We recommend testing your internet connection on

We have written a guide on how to verify the host's internet connection.

What is the recommended upload speed?

When broadcasting live video, uplink (upload) speed is more important than download speed.

We recommend that your host's upload speed is at least 7 Mbps to achieve the highest video resolution. You can verify this on

How many simultaneous viewers can Bambuser's live video shopping handle?

On the viewer side, the server is designed to increase capacity as the load increases. 
This capacity delivery is guaranteed by the provider as part of their delivery agreement. In the event that your video generates that level of viewership, that figure is within the capacity that our system is designed to handle.
One thing that you might need to look at from your side is that a high number of viewers purchasing in your webshop may place higher loads on your server which is outside of Bambuser's control.


What are the correct steps to log in?

To log in:
1. Navigate to and request a magic link to log in.

2. Make sure you use the same email that you are invited to the dashboard with.

3. Open your email inbox.

4. Open the latest Bambuser email.

5. Check the date/time of the email delivery and make sure it’s the most recent email you have received.

6. Click on the link which should navigate you to the dashboard

Why do I get an empty screen when I try to log in to the Dashboard?

This could be caused by a firewall on your internet connection at your office. Try with your personal Home wifi or Mobile 4G internet.

If it works with your personal internet, then you need to contact your office network administrator.

We are using Google Firebase Services which should be whitelisted on your firewalls.

Why didn’t I receive an email when I requested a Magic Link?

Make sure that you are sending the Magic Link request to the same email address that was invited to the dashboard.

Why can’t I login using the Android app?
This is a known issue on our Android app. While we are trying to fix that, you may have to log in using a password. If you have not set a password for your account, you can use the “Forgot Password?” option here.
Otherwise, contact Bambuser Support.

I am unable to sign in with a Magic Link

  • The magic links are single-use. If you have used them before, request a new one on
  • Make sure you are trying to use the most recent magic link that has been sent from us.  You can check the time you have received the email.
  • If you get a white screen when you open the Magic Link, it could be because Google Cloud servers are blocked on your network. Try using your 4G mobile network to verify this. Then contact your IT admin to fix that.

I can log in, but I can only see my profile.

The reason for this might be because you have been invited as a 'Host'. Hosts can only broadcast, using the App, to the assigned shows

How do I set a password, so I do not always have to request a "Magic Link"?

  1. By clicking on "Use password" on the dashboard login page.
  2. Click on "Forgot Password",
  3. Enter your registered e-mail,
  4. Open link from the email and reset the password,
  5. Load dashboard login page again
  6. Click on "Use password" and use email and password to log in.

Player / Miniplayer

When the player minimizes, the website crashes in the background

This could happen due to a few different reasons:

  1. Your Products URLs lead to a different domain than the one where the player is embedded on
  2. Strict server-side security policies might be blocking requests from within an iframe element

Read here‍ on what exactly are the options that are limiting the Bambuser Miniplayer experience and potential solutions.

Can we configure the position to which the player goes when minimized?

Currently, it is only possible for the player to automatically minimizes to the bottom right corner of the website. However, the viewer is free to drag the player around the screen afterward.


Can I run zoom while broadcasting?

No. Using more than one video broadcasting service on the same device at the same time is not possible.

How can we run a test without anyone outside my brand finding out?

By using our test-embed or by creating a hidden landing page on your production site.