Dual hosting with split-screen broadcasting

How to use Bambuser's dual hosting and split-screen features

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This feature is not available in the Bambuser One-to-Many Starter plan.

Bambuser’s new dual hosting enables live video shopping events to have hosts and guests in different locations. To not compromise on quality, we currently support two simultaneous connections with a split-screen solution.


In order to set a dual-hosted live show, you need access to the Dashboard from where you can create/edit a show. Once you enter the show details screen you can choose a Show Host and you can optionally add a Guest Host.
(as seen on the images below)

With this, the show is configured to allow two simultaneous broadcasts from two hosts in different locations.


Any one of the hosts can start the live show. For simplicity, let's assume that the main host started the show.

Host Guest Description
The live show has started and the Guest can join.
The Guest is presented with a visual frame of what will be visible when they go live.
Once the Guest taps the join button the countdown timer is presented for both the Guest and the Host.
The Guest sees a message that they are live which shortly disappears.
Both the Host and the Guest have the same view (split-screen).


Any one of the hosts can leave and re-join the show at any point.


The customers can only see a slight transition from following one stream to following two in a split-screen view. Nothing that is happening behind the scenes is visible to them.

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